• Rita Ora's new song 'Girls' is a slam-dunk summer bop, but is its bisexual statement authentic?

    Ora's new tune is a delightful bop that is quickly taking over the charts. But is it a truly authentic statement of bisexuality?

  • Jennifer Garner to make TV return in HBO comedy 'Camping,' from 'Girls' EPs Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner

    Garner's last regular TV gig was 'Alias,' J.J. Abrams' grad-student-turned-spy drama, in which she starred for five seasons.

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  • Desperately seeking an Emmy, 'Family Guy' goes crazy with TV parodies

    On Sunday’s season premiere of "Family Guy," Peter Griffin was fed up with the fact that his show never wins any Emmys. So they made a few changes, starting with replacing Peter’s wife, Lois, with Sofia Vergara — both in voice and likeness. From there, the show went on to parody or reference more than 20 iconic past and present TV shows.

  • National Girlfriend Day: 5 Life Lessons We Learned From TV Girlfriends

    Aug. 1 is National Girlfriend Day, a day for women to celebrate their special bond of friendship. And what better way to honor the day than with a look at the five best life lessons about friendship learned from some of television’s most famous girlfriends?

  • The Year’s Biggest TV Fireworks (So Far...)

    We’ve just passed the halfway point of the year and already there have been a host of gasp-inducing, scream worthy, and jump-out-of-your-chair-and-fling-your-remote-at-the-screen scenes that remind us we’re in the second Golden Age of Television. So many, in fact, that we can’t wait for December to round them all up, so here are our 10 favorite firework moments of 2017 so far.WARNING: It’s all spoilers from here on out!

  • #FreeTheP: Most Notable Male Nude Scenes on TV (NSFW)

    TV has been taken over by #FreeTheP, which means male full frontal nudity is at an all-time high. So we gathered the best male nude scenes on TV recently.

  • Emmys: ‘Girls’ Music Supervisor on the Final Season’s Biggest Gets

    'Girls' music supervisor Manish Raval on securing the first use of Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car," a new Robyn song, and a thank you from Paul McCartney.

  • #BanTheBarf: TV Writers Need to Give Hurling the Heave-Ho!

    Lately, television writers have been overestimating their audiences’ desire to see characters lose their lunch. From the prestige drama of HBO’s Big Little Lies and Game of Thrones to the teen tearjerker Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why to the outlandish comedy of Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet and Comedy Central’s Review, everyone is spilling their guts.

  • How Dylan Baker and Becky Ann Baker Became Mr. and Mrs. Character Actor

    Dylan and Becky Ann Baker talk their careers, their marriage, and whether they leave their characters at the door when they come home together.

  • ‘Girls’ Series Finale: Hannah Grows Up

    The series finale has become a site for elaborate overreaching (“Mad Men”’s Coke ad bliss out), absurdism (“The Sopranos”’s fade to black), and dreaminess (take your pick: the Seinfeld cast in jail, the group-hug on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” or the entire run of “Newhart” being a dream). Hannah (show creator Lena Dunham) had had her baby — a bouncing, 13-pound boy named Grover — and, for once true to her word, has moved out of New York City. A call for reinforcements was placed, and Hannah’s mom, Becky Ann Baker’s Loreen, arrived to provide an extra pair of arms and a lifetime of wisdom.

  • ‘Girls’ Ends With Struggles of Motherhood

    In many ways, “Girls” drew to an end the previous week. The series finale showed us the start of a new journey for Hannah and her friends.

  • Your TV To-Do List: Gus Fring Is the One Who Knocks

    With so much to watch on TV it can be difficult to plan ahead. But we’re here to help! From "Better Call Saul" to "MST3K," here are the five shows you won’t want to miss this week.

  • Lena Dunham and Her ‘Girls’ Become the ‘Golden Girls’ in Funny New Parody

    "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" cooked up a pretty funny parody of "Girls" and "The Golden Girls" Wednesday. He called the sketch a reunion special for "Girls," which ends a six-season run April 16.

  • 11 Hot TV Doctors

    Today is National Doctors Day, a time when we should “say ‘thank you’ to our physicians for all that they do for us and our loved ones,” according to the National Day Calendar. And it’s not difficult for TV fans to celebrate the doctors in their lives — because medical dramas starring good-looking healers have been a staple of the industry since the days of Dr. Kildare. And now, Yahoo TV would like to say thank you to the doctors in our lives — from Grey’s Anatomy, Chicago Med, Lethal Weapon and more. ...

  • ‘Book of Mormon’ Star Auditions for ‘White Men Can’t Jump: The Musical’ on ‘Girls’

    On “Girls,” there was an open call for “White Men Can’t Jump: The Musical,” and we finally got to hear the pipes on Elijah, played by “Book of Mormon” star Andrew Rannells. Singing “Let Me Be Your Star” from the hit show Bombshell — based on the hit TV show Smash — Elijah shone, and he was asked to stay for the monologue. When the dance tryout segment got started, Elijah was holding his own, but things took a dive when they brought in the basketballs and he had to do the same kicks, spins, and jumps while dribbling a basketball.

  • Ellen and Lena Dunham Surprise Nurse Who Lena Says Saved Her Life

    On Wednesday, Ellen DeGeneres welcomed Girls star Lena Dunham, who recently spent time in the hospital due to endometriosis. While in the hospital, Dunham became close with her nurse, Jonnella, who happens to be a huge Ellen fan. Under the guise that Dunham was appearing on Ellen the following day, she Facetimed Jonnella and asked if she had any questions for Dunham to ask DeGeneres.

  • ‘Girls’ Star Lena Dunham Talks About Catching Flak for Weight Loss

    Having caught flak earlier for being overweight, Lena Dunham recently caught it for losing weight. She wasn’t trying to appease anyone with the move.

  • ‘Girls’: Hannah Is Going To Be A Terrible Mother

    Last week’s revelation on Girls that Lena Dunham’s Hannah Horvath is pregnant felt like an almost-typical final-season surprise: Of course Dunham could bless her character with child now — whether she sees the pregnancy through or terminates it, there are now only five episodes left of the 10-episode final season, so following through on the repercussions of either decision will be brief, right? Early in the episode, we see Hannah making a list of “Reasons It’s Insane To Have a Baby.” On the list: “I am only 27” and “I act even younger than that.” Those were the two that jumped out at me (trust me, Hannah, being “not good at sports” does not prevent you from parenting enthusiastically), and Hannah is nothing if not self-aware.