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  • Fred Savage insists he was forced to appear in 'Once Upon a Deadpool,' reflects on 'The Princess Bride'

    Fred Savage talks about "very strange" experience of revisiting his "Princess Bride" character (and set) for "Once Upon a Deadpool."

  • Watch Deadpool valiantly defend Nickelback in new teaser for 'Once Upon a Deadpool'

    Witness the spectacle of Fred Savage and Deadpool headbanging to "How You Remind Me".

  • ‘Once Upon A Deadpool’: Ryan Reynolds (and Fred Savage) On Franchise’s PG-13 Plunge

    <strong>EXCLUSIVE</strong> All Fox wants for Christmas are 12 more days of Deadpool — that’s certainly one valid interpretation of the studio’s plan to revamp, rename and re-release the year’s biggest R-rated hit, <em>Deadpool 2,</em> as a PG-13 film called <em>Once Upon A Deadpool</em>. There’s more to it than that, however. Deadline has all the details about the studio’s unconventional plan — a plan that may have intriguing relevance when viewed through the prism of the Disney-Fox merger and the future…

  • Fred Savage denies claims after 'The Grinder' costumer details alleged verbal, physical abuse

    Costumer Youngjoo Hwang, who worked on 'The Grinder,' has filed a lawsuit accusing Fred Savage of verbally harassing and physically striking her on set. Savage and 20th Century Fox TV have denied the claims.

  • 'Wonder Years' mom Alley Mills: Show canceled due to 'ridiculous' Fred Savage harassment lawsuit

    ABC declines to comment on Alley Mills's claim that "The Wonder Years" would have kept going if not for a lawsuit she describes as "a joke."

  • Fred Savage causes drama between Mitch and Cam on 'Modern Family'

    Fred Savage made an appearance on "Modern Family" as Mitch’s replacement for Cam if anything were to happen to him.

  • ‘Friends From College’: Big Stars, Small Laughs

    Netflix's new comedy 'Friends From College' has a stellar cast, but that's about it.

  • Rob Lowe Accepts Best Show That Got Canceled on Behalf of ‘The Grinder’

    It was a sad day when Fox said goodbye to The Grinder, one of the best-reviewed shows of 2015, after it found its fine comedy groove last spring. As we wrote when we nominated it for Best Show That Got Canceled in 2016 in our reader-voted Yahooies, “Rob Lowe’s starring stint as actor turned wannabe lawyer Dean Sanderson seemed like the television role he had been waiting for. Ditto for fellow ’80s star Fred Savage, who played his brotherly other half in this clever comedy that riffed on melodramatic procedurals and sibling rivalry. ...

  • Ben Affleck’s Son’s Accidental, Impromptu Play Date With British Royalty

    Ben Affleck was on Live with Kelly and told Kelly Ripa and her guest co-host, Fred Savage, about an impromptu royal play date his son Samuel had. Affleck was in the UK filming Justice League and had his kids out there with him. “So they had those gymboree or indoor play parks, or whatever, so I took my son to one of those because he’s five, he’s four, rather, he’s almost five, and kind of, you know, he wasn’t as tuned into the whole history thing, you know what I mean?” Affleck said.

  • When Hell Freezes Over: ‘Fresh Prince’ and Other D.O.A. Reboots

    Fred Savage told us himself that The Wonder Years would NEVER be rebooted. Then again, Fred’s little brother, Ben Savage, announced a Boy Meets World reunion on an upcoming episode of the spin-off/reboot Girl Meets World.

  • Emmy Talk: ‘The Grinder’ Fred Savage on the Joy of Improv (and Why He’ll Never Stop Grinding)

    'The Grinder' may be canceled, but that doesn't change the fact that Fred Savage gave an Emmy-worthy performance as Stewart.

  • Quiz: Match the ‘Law & Order’ Guest Star With Their ‘SVU’ Crime

    Law and Order: SVU has drawn many high-profile guest stars over the years. They play murderers, serial rapists, sadistic criminals —Â&nbsp;the bigger the guest star, the more sadistic the role. Like in Wednesday's two-part season finale, Brad Garrett plays a prison guard who uses his position to rape female inmates. Here are seven other memorable guest stars from SVU —Â&nbsp;can you match them to their creepy sexual crime?

  • 'The Grinder,' 'Grandfathered,' 'New Girl' Season Finales: Which One Is the Best?

    As 'New Girl,' 'Grandfathered,' and 'The Grinder' race toward their season finales, Yahoo's Ken Tucker takes a look at which shows turn in the best season closers.

  • How 'The Grinder' Found Its Fine Comedy Groove

    The Grinder is a unique item right now. It’s got a high-concept that takes a bit of explaining—actor who plays a lawyer on TV (Rob Lowe) goes home to help his brother (Fred Savage) at his small law firm, insinuating himself into both the firm and brother’s home life. The Grinder had the funniest pilot episode I watched leading into this past fall’s TV season.

  • 'The Grinder' Star Natalie Morales Has a Really Fun Job, and the Pictures to Prove It

    The Grinder star took over our Instagram account to document a day on the set of the Fox legal comedy, and the verdict is in: We wanna work for Sanderson & Yao. For her takeover, Morales shared snaps of her Grinder castmates Steve Little and William DeVane, as well as pics of the camera crew and show creator Andy Mogel, who seems to like what he sees during rehearsals. Speaking of Savage, Morales notes that makeup magician Myriam Arougheti makes him “look like that kid from The Wonder Years.” Hmmm, we always thought that, too.

  • 'The Grinder' Sneak Peek: Maya Rudolph Gives Rob Lowe a Tough Pill to Swallow

    Maya Rudolph is shaking things up on The Grinder. The Saturday Night Live funny lady’s four-episode arc on the Fox legal comedy continues this week, and we’ve got an exclusive sneak peek at her guest starring role in the new episode, “The Ties That Grind.”

  • 'The Grinder' Star Fred Savage Taste-Tests Halloween Treats

    As you may have figured out by now, Yahoo TV will take any opportunity to ask actors to perform a taste-test. Now, it’s Fred Savage’s turn. Related: ‘The Grinder’ Star Fred Savage on His TV Return Things we learned about The Grinder star when he was forced to play favorites with Halloween treats: he hasn’t fallen victim to the pumpkin spice craze and, when pressed, he will sample a Hershey’s Kiss that he is convinced has been melting in someone’s pocket. In case you missed our other celebrity reviewers, here’s The Walking Dead’s Josh McDermitt, who ends a scathing critique of Peeps by performing a chubby bunny: And below, Ash vs Evil Dead’s Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless prove an equally tough (but entertaining) crowd: Related: What To Binge This Weekend: Halloween Horror Edition The Grinder, which has received a full season order, airs Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. on Fox

  • '80s Invasion: All of the Commercials Starring Rob Lowe, John Stamos, and Fred Savage Ranked

    Of course, when it comes to Rob Lowe, John Stamos, and Fred Savage, we already know they’re experienced at making a play for our… hard-earned cash. 11. Fred Savage for Pac-Man multi-vitamins/Fruit Roll-Ups/Fruity Marshmallow Krispies/McDonald’s The Grinder star managed to do so many commercials throughout his childhood, we felt a deep need to combine them into one big tie, and embed the Pac-Man vitamins (which, apparently, were so much better for you than Flintstone’s vitamins, mom!) because it was Savage’s first. 10. Rob Lowe for Visit California Savage’s Grinder co-star was just one of many celebs who joined in promoting tourism in 2009 in his home state during Arnold Schwarzenegger’s governorship. 9. Fred Savage for Honda Let’s be honest: Modern Fred just isn’t as adorable as little Fred.

  • ‘The Grinder’ Review: Rob Lowe, Fred Savage And Lots of Lawyerly Laughs

    The latter-day career of Rob Lowe has been defined by the role he took in Amy Poehler’s Parks and Recreation. As Chris Traeger, the assiduously upbeat auditor, Lowe was able to move ever-further away from his Brat Pack past, and infuse his best post-Brat role — Sam Seaborn on The West Wing — with the kind of humor that made him something this skilled but impeccably controlled actor hadn’t brought to full bloom before: Lovability. Now, as Dean Sanderson, Jr. in the season’s funniest fall pilot The Grinder, Lowe is able to broaden out his comedy. If 30 Rock had only been a show about Jenna Maroney, she would have been too, too much, but she was great as a contrast to Liz Lemon.

  • 'The Grinder' Star Fred Savage on His TV Return

    Since graduating from the television academy that was The Wonder Years, former child star Fred Savage has enjoyed a successful career as an actor and director. “My cousin had a law firm so I lived with him and worked there for a summer.”  That summer gig may not have turned into a full time job, but Savage says he drew on the experience for the role he plays on The Grinder: fledgling lawyer Stewart Sanderson, who is perpetually living in the shadow of his older brother Dean (Rob Lowe) — famous around the world for playing an attorney on TV.