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  • Jackie Chan jokes that he might kill off Chris Tucker's character to do 'Rush Hour 4'

    It seems Jackie Chan is getting tired of waiting for his friend Chris Tucker to sign on to “Rush Hour 4.” “He seems retired,” Chan said of his co-star.

  • What Comedians Watch When They Want to Laugh

    Yahoo Celebrity attended the premiere for Adam Sandler’s latest comedy, "Sandy Wexler," and asked attendees: What was the last thing you watched that made you laugh your ass off?

  • Rob Schneider: ‘There Is Not One Bad Story You Hear About Don Rickles’

    Last night, many comedians gathered in Hollywood to celebrate the premiere of Adam Sandler's latest Netflix original, "Sandy Wexler." They also jumped at the opportunity to pay tribute to their recently fallen colleague.

  • Chris Tucker Nearly Died While Shooting Video for ‘California Love’

    On Thursday’s Late Late Show, Chris Tucker recalled a near-death experience on the set of legendary rapper Tupac Shakur’s video for “California Love,” the first single from Tupac’s multiplatinum album All Eyez On Me. The video, from director F. Gary Gray — who directed last year’s hit Straight Outta Compton — was a Mad Max-inspired joyride, and while shooting, Tucker narrowly escaped disaster.

  • Steve Martin and Chris Tucker Talk 'Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk'

    No question about it: Steve Martin and Chris Tucker are two wild and crazy guys. That’s why it’s so compelling to watch them play against type in Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, Ang Lee’s dramatic experiment in high frame rate filmmaking. “To be approached by Ang Lee is really fantastic — it’s like being invited to the prom,” Martin told Yahoo Movies in our recent Facebook Live interview direct from the Billy Lynn press day. “We knew it was going to be a drama and a technological adventure, shot in 4K and 3D.” Adds Tucker: “Ang Lee is one of the biggest and best directors in the business. ...

  • The ‘Rush Hour’ Premiere Was a Rough Hour Premiere

    The show, based off the super successful movie franchise, is about an edgy Los Angeles detective named James Carter who teams up with a Chinese detective named Lee. If you like a lot of action, the pilot episode would’ve been pretty entertaining. Tell us what you think! Hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or leave your comments below.