• Alfonso Ribeiro's crazy water-skiing accident that could've been on 'America's Funniest Home Videos'

    Ribeiro shares a harrow water skiing tale, and discusses how the pandemic has changed "AFV."

  • ABC Orders ‘Videos After Dark’ With Bob Saget, Renews ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ For 2 More Seasons

    ABC has ordered two more seasons of <em>American Funniest Home Videos</em>, its longest-running primetime entertainment show, and ordered <em>Videos After Dark,</em> a new comedy reality series from the  <em>AFV</em> producers, with original <em>AFV</em> host Bob Saget set as host and executive producer. The <em>AFV</em> renewal will take the show through its 30th and 31st seasons. Now in Season 29, <em> AFV</em> continues to draw solid ratings, with this season up 17% in total viewers over last season, making it the…

  • Happy July 4th From These ‘AFV’ Fireworks Fails

    Have you ever a) tried to scare a friend or family member by setting off fireworks behind them; b) attempted to light fireworks in your kitchen; or c) used fireworks to blow up a very overripe banana? If you answered no to these questions, then you’ll have little or nothing in common with the folks in this “America’s Funniest Home Videos” montage — all of whom are lucky to have escaped without losing a finger and/or suffering severe burns (as far as we know).

  • Pregame For Cinco De Mayo With This 'AFV' Piñata Montage

    For most adults, Cinco de Mayo is a time to slip out of work early and hit the local cantina for their 2-for-1 margarita special. For kids, though, it’s just another Thursday — unless there’s a piñata around. Which brings us to our latest America’s Funniest Home Videos montage. As any AFV connoisseur knows, no piñata montage is complete without the following: blindfolded child hitting adult with stick, blindfolded child hitting him/herself with a stick, swinging piñata knocking someone over, and of course piñata-related property damage.

  • Time For Spring Cleaning, 'AFV'-Style

    Now that spring is finally upon us (though it doesn’t really feel like it here on the East Coast), you’re probably starting to think about tackling those household cleaning and organizing projects that have been neglected all winter. And as any parent knows, no cleaning project is complete without kids who want to “help.” Related: Watch More ‘AFV’ Videos Seriously, kids love to clean. When they see mom and dad with a mop or Swiffer, they immediately want one of their own.

  • Happy Baseball Season From 'AFV'

    Reliable sources tell me that baseball season starts tomorrow. But before the ump yells “Play ball!” (does that actually happen? no idea), get warmed up with this America’s Funniest Home Videos montage of folks engaging in baseball-adjacent game known in some circles as “dizzy bat.” 

  • Get March Madness Ready With These 'AFV' Trick Shots

    Celebrate March Madness with this 'AFV' montage of epic trick shots.

  • Caught Red-Handed: Stop What You're Doing and Enjoy This 'AFV' Montage

    Hey you! Right there! Yes, you! Did we just catch you watching silly videos on your computer/phone? Well, congrats — you obviously have your weekend priorities in the right place. This weekend’s official Silly AFV Montage features other folks — kids, dogs, bears — getting caught red-handed in a variety of sneaky behaviors, from eating garbage to dousing their little brothers in baby powder.

  • 'AFV' Presents the Oscars of Internet Videos

    This Oscars weekend, let the folks of 'America's Funniest Home Videos' treat you to the 88th Annual Academy Awards of Internet Videos.

  • Happy Valentine's Day from Kids Enduring Kisses in this 'AFV' Montage

    Happy Valentine's Day from 'America's Funniest Home Videos.'

  • Super Bowl Preview From 'AFV': 23 Funny Football Fails

    According to some reports, there is a significant football game happening today between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers, but you don’t have to be a football fan to enjoy this America’s Funniest Home Videos compilation of football fails.

  • Kids and Dogs Freak Out Over Shadows in 'AFV' Groundhog Day Montage

    Groundhog Day (Feb. 2) is almost here, and that means it’s the perfect time to watch this 'AFV' montage of kids and animals getting scared by their own shadow.

  • Watch These 'AFV' Treadmill Fails Before You Hit the Gym

    Embarking on a diet-and-exercise plan in 2016? Watch these 'AFV' treadmill fails first.

  • New Year's Eve PSA: How NOT to Open Champagne, Courtesy of 'AFV'

    The people at AFV are nothing if not safety conscious. (Seriously — think of all the injuries they’ve witnessed!) So this New Year’s Eve, before you celebrate the arrival of 2016, watch the above montage — appropriately titled “How Not to Pop Champagne Bottles on New Year’s Eve” — for a few handy safety tips.

  • Father and Son Get Christmas Surprise, 'AFV'-Style

    Christmas is a time for counting your blessings, spreading peace and goodwill to your fellow man — and, of course, aiming a camera at your loved ones while you shock them with a huge, life-altering surprise. Such is the case in the very festive AFV clip above, in which a mom urges her husband and son — both decked out in adorable elf costumes, we might add — to open an “early Christmas present” from Santa. 

  • Black Friday PSA from 'AFV': Kids & Animals Like to Shop, Too

    Thanksgiving is over, the leftovers have been put away (or digested), and now there’s only one thing left to do: SHOP. Yes, the annual consumer frenzy known as Black Friday is upon us, and there’s nothing more American heading to the big box store of your choice and fighting through throngs of holiday shoppers to land the best deal possible. It’s never too early to start enjoying this tradition, as the AFV montage above shows. ...

  • Today's 'AFV' Montage: How NOT to Cook Thanksgiving Dinner

    In less than a week, Americans will be gathering for Thanksgiving feasts with families, friends — and probably a few kids who insisted on “helping” cook the meal. Knowing this, the folks at America’s Funniest Home Videos have prepared a handy how-to video for those whose little ones will be joining them in the kitchen on Thursday.  Related: Check out Yahoo Screen’s ‘AFV’ Channel for More Videos Among the lessons: Your dad’s forehead is a great place to crack an egg; most refrigerator shelves cannot bear the weight of a small child; long hair and electric mixers are a recipe for disaster; and finally, toasters are scary. There’s also an informative beverage montage-within-the-montage which clearly demonstrates all the various reasons why you should not let your toddler fill the water glasses at the Thanksgiving table.

  • Say 'Namaste' to the Weekend With These 'AFV' Yoga Fails

    We all have one of those annoying friends who’s always talking about her fabulous yoga class and how her “practice” really makes her feel “at peace” blah blah blah… But what those friends aren’t telling you is that the ancient art of yoga can lead to some pretty hilarious wipeouts. Fortunately our friends at AFV have compiled a representative sampling of yoga fails — enough to make you reconsider taking that “beginners vinyasa” class later this afternoon. Related: Check out Yahoo Screen’s ‘AFV’ Channel for More Videos As always, we have several questions. One: Why would anyone try to do yoga — which requires impeccable balance and is best done on a flat surface — on top of a picnic table or while standing on a bed?

  • Happy Halloween From This Montage of Classic 'AFV' Scares

    The best part about Halloween — besides gorging on candy and then enjoying the subsequent sugar high, of course — is watching AFV compilations of people getting scared witless. Though my all-time favorite scare is a one-off I like to call “Dracula Jazz Hands,” the above montage is a close second, in large part due to this totally awesome lady from the ‘80s who doesn’t realize she’s about to be accosted by a closet goblin: Of course, I do not in any way condone scaring your sleeping children by pretending to be a chainsaw-wielding maniac (seriously, who DOES that?), but I think we can all agree that the old the-scarecrow-is-ALIVE gag is good, wholesome fun: Related: Check out Yahoo Screen’s ‘AFV’ Channel for More Videos Because you can never have too many trick-or-treat scares, check out this second montage, featuring a weiner dog chasing a tiny Dracula away from his front door, along with a very grumpy pint-sized Garfield. Happy Halloween, everyone!

  • These 'AFV' Buzzer Beaters Will Get You Ready for Basketball Season

    According to reliable sources, basketball season is almost upon us. And while basketball is a sport that usually involves things like “passing” and “dribbling” and “free throws,” the future NBA all-stars in this AFV compilation have no time for such foolishness. Instead, they like to score their points by hurling the ball wildly across the court with such pinpoint accuracy the crowd can’t help but go crazy when the shot goes in. Honestly, if the real NBA was this exciting I’d actually watch a basketball game rather than leaving the room when my husband turns it on.

  • Happy Saturday! Enjoy This Angry Animals Montage From 'AFV'

    If there’s two things you should take away from the above AFV compilation entitled “America’s Angriest Animals,” it’s this: 1) Geese just may be nature’s fiercest creatures, and 2) Animals, like many celebrities, really don’t enjoy having a camera shoved in their face. Of course, some of the situations in this video are unavoidable — you’ve gotta give your pooch a bath occasionally, and yeah, he’s probably not gonna be happy about it — but other folks featured here just put themselves in harm’s way for no good reason. Related: Check out Yahoo Screen’s ‘AFV’ Channel for More Videos For example, what IS that guy doing in the llama pen? No one likes to have his or her personal space invaded, so you can’t blame the llama for kicking the dude in the back.

  • Happy Hockey Season From 'AFV'!

    The NHL kicked off the new season on Oct. 7, and that’s reason enough to celebrate with an AFV montage of ice follies. Judging from the above video, hockey just might be the most mishap-prone sport ever: Ice + sticks + waist-high rink walls + bulky pads = lots of flips, falls, crashes, slips, collisions, and faceplants.  Related: Check out Yahoo Screen’s ‘AFV’ Channel for More Videos While no one gets hit in the groin in the above montage — a fact that will please new AFV host Alfonso Ribeiro, who isn’t a fan of crotch-shots — it does feature some beautiful pratfalls, including a jolly jester mascot crashing into the side of the rink, a kid getting a hockey mask full of snow, and a guy body-checking himself into the boards (with glass-shattering results). Even if you don’t know your blockers from your blue lines, you’ll enjoy AFV’s hockey tribute — after all, wipeout humor is universal.

  • Fall Into Autumn With This ‘AFV’ Montage

    Sure, the official first day of Fall happened over a week ago on Sept. 23, but it doesn’t really feel like autumn until the cold, rainy weather blows in — so thanks, Hurricane Joaquin! As we know, the good people at AFV have a compilation for every season, and the montage above is exactly what you’d hope for in a “Fall Fails” roundup. Man toppling over in pumpkin patch? Check.

  • Get Into the Weekend Groove With These ‘AFV’ Dance Fails

    Dancing With the Stars isn’t the only place on TV where you can see some sweet moves. The good people at AFV have a wealth of clips featuring some truly impressive dance routines — and while there aren’t any stars present, there are plenty of wince-inducing falls, slips, and face-plants.  Related: Check out Yahoo Screen’s ‘AFV’ Channel for More Videos After watching the above montage, you’ll probably have a few questions, like Why would anyone think it was safe to stand on a wet metal picnic table in the rain? Or How long were those girls grounded after shattering the glass coffee table?

  • Happy Saturday! Enjoy this 'AFV' Montage of Kids With Baseball Bats

    Baseball playoffs are just around the corner, which is a perfect excuse to watch this 'America's Funniest Home Videos' montage of kids hitting their parents in the nuts with whiffle balls and bats.