Grace and Frankie

  • Netflix renews 'Grace and Frankie' ahead of season 5 debut

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — As the fifth-season adventures of "Grace and Frankie " begin, viewers can rest assured there's more to come.

  • ‘Grace And Frankie’ Season 5 Trailer: Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin Return For Season 5 With A New Attitude

    Grace and Frankie are at a crossroads. No, really. At one point in this trailer for this month's Season 5 debut of the Netflix comedy starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, the title characters are in no hurry to get from one side of a street to another, to the consternation of an impatient cop. Snaps Fonda's Grace: "I've earned the right to take my sweet f*cking time." Picking up where Season 4 of Grace and Frankie left off -- their beachside home sold by the kids who no…

  • ‘Grace And Frankie’ Gets Season 5 Premiere Date On Netflix

    <a href="" id="auto-tag_netflix">Netflix</a> has set January 18 for the Season 5 premiere of <em><a href="" id="auto-tag_grace-and-frankie">Grace and Frankie</a></em>, starring <a href="" id="auto-tag_jane-fonda">Jane Fonda</a> and <a href="" id="auto-tag_lily-tomlin">Lily Tomlin</a> as the respective title characters. As the press notes puts it — and fans of the series will understand: “They're back, and out of f*cks to give.” Check out an announcement GIF below. That’s not the first time the series’ has had a racy season-premiere date announcement. Back in February 2017, Netflix touted <em>G&F</em>‘s return <a href="">using the title duo’s vibrator products</a>…

  • Jane Fonda is surprised she's (still) alive

    Jane Fonda told Ellen DeGeneres that she feels like it's a "miracle" she's alive at 80.

  • 'Grace and Frankie' renewed for Season 5, books RuPaul as a guest star

    RuPaul will portray Benjamin Le Day, a “formidable and quick-witted adversary who faces off with Grace and Frankie.”

  • Jane Fonda took a dig at Megyn Kelly after face-lift joke

    During a lively interview with “Grace and Frankie” co-stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, Hoda Kotb asked a simple question: “How long have you two been friends?”

  • 'Grace and Frankie' Season 4 trailer welcomes Lisa Kudrow to the party

    No relationship — or vibrator, for that matter — is safe when "Grace and Frankie" Jan. 19.

  • 'Grace And Frankie' sets Season 4 premiere date on Netflix

    The series starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin returns globally Jan. 19.

  • 10 Memorable Times TV Characters Used Marijuana

    It’s April 20 (aka 4/20), and cannabis lovers around the world will be celebrating “Weed Day.” In its honor, the video above highlights 10 memorable times TV characters used pot.

  • 'Grace and Frankie': The New Season Has Its Heart In The Right Place

    As gainful employment for some very talented actors in the autumn of their years, I’m glad for the existence of 'Grace and Frankie,' whose second season is now streaming on Netflix.

  • Netflix Sets Premiere Dates for 'Orange Is the New Black' Season 4, 'Kimmy Schmidt' Season 2, Baz Luhrmann Drama & More

    Netflix has revealed the premiere dates for 10 shows, including the fourth season of “Orange Is the New Black” and the second seasons of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” and “Grace and Frankie.” As for new shows, Ashton Kutcher’s “The Ranch,” Winona Ryder’s supernatural series and Will Arnett’s comedy are all on the slate, plus Baz Luhrmann’s... <a href="" title="Read Netflix Sets Premiere Dates for ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Season 4, ‘Kimmy Schmidt’ Season 2, Baz Luhrmann Drama & More">Read more »</a><img src=";c26035310#038;c310000#038;cv2.0#038;cj1" class="editorial"/>

  • Ranking the Top Netflix Title Sequences

    Once upon a time, television was awash in catchy, cool, and substantive title sequences, from Green Acres and The Brady Bunch to The Facts of Life and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. These days, though, they’re an increasingly vanishing art on network and even cable channels, where shows are often required to cut to the chase in order to cram in extra minutes and, more importantly, extra ads. But there is one outlet that still gives title sequences the credit that they’re due: Netflix. ...