Tabatha Coffey done with hairstyling? The Bravolebrity hints at her future with hair

She’s back and bossier than ever. Tabatha Coffey, one of the very first Bravolebrities in the history of Bravo, returns to television screens on Wednesday night with the series premiere of Relative Success With Tabatha after a four-year hiatus.

Viewers met Coffey in 2007 with the premiere of the show Shear Genius. Although she won most of the competitions during the series, Coffey was ultimately eliminated from the show, but her fame was far from over.

Coffey told The Morning Breath on Tuesday that after the show’s finale, the longtime hairdresser was called into producer Andy Cohen’s office for a meeting that would result in her future fame on the network (Tabatha’s Salon Takeover), despite her thinking that all he’d be doing would be giving her a congratulatory T-shirt during the sit-down.

Four years after Tabatha’s Salon Takeover concluded, Coffey is back with a new show, which strays from the standard salon fixer-uppers. In Relative Success With Tabatha, the candid business consultant guru focuses on family-owned small businesses that are in dire need of Coffey’s tough, but necessary touch.

Although Coffey abandons her salon expertise this time around, the Aussie reveals that her hairstyling days are never over. “I always will be with my hair peeps in the industry. I love it, it’s my therapy.”

What else has the 48-year-old been up to in the four years since we’ve seen her? “I”m a life coach now — I’m a certified life coach,” says Coffey. “I work with businesses privately to get them on track and also people just to get their s**t together.”

Relative Success With Tabatha premieres Wednesday night on Bravo at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT.