‘You Can’t Make Sense Out Of Nonsense,’ Dr. Phil Tells Young Woman At Odds With Mom And Stepdad

Keira says things have been “absolutely awful” since her mother, Karen, married James eight years ago. Keira claims James is a “controlling, cocky, racist,” and that he lies. After speaking with Keira, James and Karen, Dr. Phil offers Keira his thoughts. “I think that the chance of you having a relationship with James that is in any way healthy or constructive is something around zero, because I think he feels justified in what he’s done,” Dr. Phil says. “You can’t make sense out of nonsense. His justifications for what he has said and done, and the positions that he’s taken, in my opinion, are just nonsense. Truly, you weren’t treated in the proper way, and I’m very sorry for that.” Hear more from Dr. Phil in the video above. On Tuesday’s episode, "Will Karen Choose Her Husband or Her Daughter?" will Karen stand by her husband, or will she choose her daughter? Check local listings to see where you can watch. WATCH: Why Man Says He Won’t Ask Stepdaughter For Forgiveness After Calling Her The N-Word TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: A family/relationship divided?