T.I. Lets Loose In Tropical “Vacay” Music Video

T.I. has dropped off the lead single, “Vacay,” for his upcoming final album. On Friday (Nov. 3), the Grand Hustle founder released the new track and visuals showing the rapper on vacation.

TIP and Gifted Talents directed the tropical music video, which also features an appearance from his wife, Tiny, and Charlamagne Tha God. The video features the party seemingly flying through Anegada Island in the Caribbean Sea en route to The Valley, the capital of Anguilla.

Bikini-clad women can be seen twerking, gyrating, grooving, and vibing to the amapiano-inspired track throughout the video. The activist is also taking his rap retirement seriously as he kicks back, takes in the beautiful women, and takes a bottle of liquor to the head while on jet skis.

The song itself features South African singer and dancer Kamo Mphela, with her verse appearing towards the song’s outro. The Atlanta emcee raps seductive and sexually suggestive bars as he attempts to enjoy a vacation with a secret lover.

“She ain’t thinkin’ she can take it but she doin’ it/Have her squirtin’ in the bed, finna ruin it,” he raps. “Now when we finished, I’m a buy a pair of/Louboutins/Told her homegirl about me and I flew ’em in/I lift her skirt, heated floor at the front door/Put her hands on her, show her what she in for/She say she like it rough, I told her ten four/Said she already bust, I told her ten more/Got a man at home and made a detour/She said she love him, but love me more/When she kiss it, make me wonder where her teeth go/When you start playin’ games, I’m the cheat code.”

“Vacay” is the lead single for T.I.’s final album, KIll The King. In October, the 43-year-old revealed the work will explore genres beyond Hip-Hop. TIP spoke with The Baller Alert Show about the new LP. “I’m working my way up to it,” he said. “I been making some music, and the music I’m making is… how can I say? It’s expanding beyond just the concept that I have for my last album.”

“So my last album is Kill the King, which will be, you know, it’s gon’ be edgy, energetic,” he added. “It’s gon’ have a lot of TIP in it… but I’ve been making somewhat, I guess, more melodic, you know, more R&B vibes, Afrobeat-R&B vibe, party music.”

Watch the video above.

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