T.I. Destroys Candace Owens Over MAGA & Slavery Talk During Revolt Summit

T.I. has been a champion for equality and a vocal combatant against President Donald Trump's administration for quite some time, and this weekend was no exception when he mixed it up with Candace Owens over her conservative ideology.


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Both T.I. and Owens were attending the REVOLT Summit x AT&T Summit in Atlanta, a multi-day event with panels discussing hip-hop, culture, politics and business.

During one of the panels, Trump's campaign slogan, Make America Great Again, was brought up, and Owens immediately defended the use.

"That was Ronald Reagan's slogan. Was it racist when Ronald Reagan had it?" she asked. She got back many answers of "yes."

T.I. asked the conservative pundit, "Which period in America was great that we're trying to replicate?" and all hell broke loose.

To be fair to Owens, she was backed into a corner in a room that clearly did not see her way of thinking.

She went on to explain that "Slavery was all over the world," before everyone broke out in gasps and boos.

T.I. yelled, "I wanna like you so bad, because you're so smart."

There was so much clamor, Diddy had to instruct everyone to let T.I. and Owens have the floor.

Owens asked T.I. and the crowd why they would not even let her finish a sentence.

The rapper explained, "You're making light of enslavement of people that look like us, you can't make light of that."

Owens adamantly denied she was making light of anything, but was once again shut down while the room went nuts.

The last day of the summit will be held Sunday. Another Revolt Summit will take place in October in Los Angeles.

The summit also featured after-parties, hosted by Diddy, that took place all weekend long and were attended by stars like DJ Khaled ... however it's unclear if Owens attended any of the festivities.