Sydnie Christmas sings song Simon Cowell hates – and the performance changes her life

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A stunning performance from “Britain’s Got Talent is gaining recognition from all over the world.

The clip is from the audition of Sydnie Christmas, and she is heard telling the judges that she’s an aspiring singer who just moved to London.

Sydnie is charming and funny as she introduces herself. She’s an easy contestant to root for.

Then she tells the judges which song she plans to sing for them: “Tomorrow” from the hit musical “Annie”. The crowd goes silent and you can almost hear judge Simon Cowell’s eyes rolling.

He doesn’t like that song and doesn’t appreciate when singers use it as their audition. But that doesn’t deter Sydnie from singing it anyway.

She jokes that the last time she sang it was when she first started singing at the age of 4. She’s now 28.

And then, with her two grandmothers in the audience cheering her on, the song begins … and so do the tears.

Here is Sydnie Christmas’s full “Britain’s Got Talentaudition.

As the song came to an end, Sydnie was met with a roar from the crowd and a standing ovation, the four judges included.

Judge Amanda Holden praised Sydnie for how “naturally funny, warm, and brilliant” her presence was and raved about her “heartfelt” and “beautiful” version of “Tomorrow”. “That was the best version I have ever heard in my life, so I’m going to do this…”

And that’s when Holden hit the Golden Buzzer, which means Sydnie automatically advanced through the auditions to the semifinals of the main competition.

As one commenter wrote, “What was that? This was not an audition. It was an experience. Bless her.”

And as so many other people admitted, her rendition of the song was unlike anything they’ve ever heard before. Simon even agreed.

“Everyone’s aware, it is tough to get the break for something that you really love. You so deserve what you just got,” Simon told her. “Your control was amazing. And I used to hate that song. And now I absolutely love it.”

“Good for you. That was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.”