Sydney Sweeney Surprised Her Grandmas With Roles as ‘Little Old Nuns’ in Horror Film ‘Immaculate’

<span class="credit">Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO</span>
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO
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Sydney Sweeney had two adorable family members as costars in her upcoming horror film, Immaculate.

“I flew my grandmas out,” Sweeney revealed during the Tuesday, February 27, episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “They’d never been to Europe. My Grandy’s dream was to go to Italy, she’s never left the country before, so I surprised them, flew them there, and I let them be extras in the movie.”

The actress, who both starred in and produced the horror flick, explained that they ended up being cast as a pair of “little old nuns,” who happen to also reside in the same Italian convent as her character, Cecila.

Fallon, 49, then reached under his desk and pulled out a photo from set that Sweeney had sent him in which one of her grandmas was in her nun costume outside smoking a cigarette.

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Sweeney giggled as she proudly pointed toward her grandmother, telling the TV host, “This is my Grandy. She’s iconic and she needed a smoke break in between takes, so we went outside and I had to capture how amazing she looked.”

Sweeney’s grandmas aren’t the only family connection she had to this movie. The Anyone But You star confessed that the reason she decided to produce Immaculate in the first place was because of her dad.

“My dad loves horror films,” she dished. “So I grew up watching them with him and I always wanted to do something in that genre.”

Sweeney then shared that she was almost part of the film several years ago. “I auditioned for a version of this movie when I was 16 and they never made it,” she confessed.

Once things fell through, Sweeney said she knew she needed to do something, so she decided to bring it to life herself.

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“So, 10 years later, I decided to make it,” she proclaimed. “I called my agents and I said, ‘I can’t get this script out of my mind. What’s happened with it?’ I then contacted the writer and we then wrote it to match a 25-year-old and then I attached producers to it and took it to a financier and I hired a director. … It was the first thing I ever produced. It was amazing.”

Immaculate hits theaters on Friday, March 22, and follows Cecillia (Sweeney), a religious woman who unknowingly moves into a haunted Italian convent located in the picturesque countryside.