Who Is Sydney Sweeney’s Fiancé? Jonathan Davino’s Age, Height & Job

Who Is Sydney Sweeney’s Fiance? Jonathan Davino’s Age, Height & Job
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Fans are eager to know who Sydney Sweeney’s fiancé Jonathan Davino is. One of the most prolific stars of Hollywood stars, Sweeney has been active in the industry since the late 2000s. Given her work in shows like The Handmaid’s Tale, The White Lotus, and Euphoria, she has become a household name. She has also appeared in the romantic comedy film Anyone but You, and the superhero flick Madame Web. Understandably, there is considerable interest in Sydney Sweeney’s fiancé, including his age, height, and profession.

Here is everything fans need to know about Jonathan Davino.

Who is Sydney Sweeney engaged to?

Sydney Sweeney is engaged to Jonathan Davino, a resident of Chicago.

Speculations about Sweeney and Davino’s relationship began to circulate in 2018, after they appeared together at Hulu’s Emmy Party and several other events. Later sightings eventually confirmed that they were indeed dating.

However, Sydney Sweeney and her fiancé seem to be quite private about their relationship. Even though the Immaculate star was first spotted with a diamond ring in February 2022, she declined to answer any questions about being engaged to Davino.

However, People Magazine reportedly confirmed it in March of that year. Interestingly, despite her reluctance to speak about the engagement, Sweeney has discussed her and Davino’s wedding plans with multiple outlets.

“What girl doesn’t create a Pinterest board for their wedding?” Sweeney told Glamour UK in December 2023. “I started making that when I was like 10. I don’t have a color scheme yet. I’m more of an experience planner, so I’m like, ‘What experience do I want to give people? Are we going on a tropical vacation? Are we doing a carnival?’ ”

What is Jonathan Davino’s age, height, and job?

Jonathan Davino is a producer and businessman. He is 40 years old and 5 feet 9 inches tall, as per IMDb.

Sweeney, born on September 12, 1997, is 26, making her 14 years younger than Davino. Although there were reports that claimed he was a restaurateur, Sweeney dismissed them.

“He’s not a restaurateur,” Sweeney said during the aforementioned Glamour UK interaction. “I have no idea where that came from. He’s also not the heir of a pizza company. He’s a business guy. He’s from Chicago. We’ve been watching [this narrative] for six years now and I’m like, ‘What the hell?’ ”

Sweeney also shared her experience of collaborating professionally with her fiancé, who worked as a producer in Anyone But You. She said, “Jonathan is my producing partner, so he helped put the whole thing together. It’s really great to work with someone who knows you so well, who fully supports your ideas, your vision and your voice…And it’s nice. I mean, who doesn’t want to be with their best friend all the time?”

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