'We Can Swim Later' - Sleepy Seal Can Hardly Keep Eyes Open as Diver Stops By

A sleepy seal couldn’t have cared less about a diver’s company in waters off the Farne Islands, as it struggled to keep its eyes open, footage shared to Twitter shows.

Ben Burville, a scuba diver who works as a doctor in Northumberland, England, by day, has built up a rapport with seals in the Farne Islands area after nearly 20 years diving among them.

Burville shared the video of his sleepy underwater companion to Twitter on July 11.

While Burville’s underwater companion doesn’t quite doze off, seals can sleep on land or underwater.

When seals do nod off, they usually adopt a stance called “bottling”, in which, as a Sea World article notes, “their entire bodies remain submerged with just their heads exposed. This enables them to breathe when necessary.” Credit: Ben Burville via Storyful