Swifties Are Calling Taylor Swift's Pop-Up Their Very Own Disneyland

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK - DECEMBER 06: Taylor Swift is seen leaving the "Poor Things" premiere at DGA Theater on December 06, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by James Devaney/GC Images)

Spotify is celebrating the upcoming release of Taylor Swift's 11th studio album The Tortured Poets Department with a pop-up event that some Swifties are likening to their own personal Disneyland.

The music streamer sponsored an open-air installation in The Grove in Los Angeles, allowing Swifties to spend the three days prior to the album's release exploring a poetry library inspired by the 16 new tracks.

Each day, updates will be made to the set-up to showcase more surprises for fans, and fans who can't make it in person will be able to follow along with any discoveries on social media.

Swifties are already scouring photos from today's event in search of any clues or easter eggs, as Swift is apt to hide in plain sight, and one fan on Twitter declared, "This is what swiftie Disneyland looks like, I'm sure of it."

So far, we've seen attention drawn to the fact that the clock is set to 2 o'clock—a notable change from the Midnights era which found any clock motifs set to, of course, 12. With a 3 a.m. edition of Midnights, we can't help but wonder if this indicates a timeline for when these songs are meant to take place, and if we'll see anything represent 1 a.m. soon.

Others believe it may point to a merchandise drop at 2 p.m., or a set of bonus tracks that will drop at 2 a.m. following the album's midnight release on Friday, April 19.

It's also been observed that six of the library catalog drawers are popped open, with what appears to be flowers and small cardstock sheets sticking out, as well as the fact that the drawers make up a grid of 9x8, leading some to believe that something (though who knows what) may happen on August 9th or September 8th of this year.

It's anyone's best guess as to what it all means, but rest assured, we'll be sitting with our eyes glued to our screens until we decipher every last bit of it.

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