Sweet! BTS Is Collaborating on Special In-Game Content for ‘Cookie Run: Kingdom’

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Good news, ARMY! There’s more BTS video game content coming your way, and soon. The Bangtan Boys are collaborating with the popular Devsisters mobile game Cookie Run: Kingdom, in which members Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jung Kook will be their own special cookie.

The collaboration — titled “Braver Together” — will allow players of the game to explore BTS-themed maps and adventures that are central to each member of the K-pop group. BTS will also be performing an in-game concert as their cookie counterparts. The collaboration is set to arrive on Oct. 13.

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The first teaser trailer for Cookie Run: Kingdom was released on Tuesday (Sept. 20), and features candied purple hearts — a nod to ARMY’s signature emoji — bubbling up to the surface. Shortly after the teaser, the big reveal came: THEY’RE COMING… TO COOKIE RUN: KINGDOM!” the game’s official Instagram shared. “The Cookie Kingdom is buzzing with excitement! Are you ready for the grand reveal of the BTS Cookies?!”

Speaking with Rolling Stone, Devsisters CEO Marie Suh shared the inspiration behind the collab. “The Cookie Run community is about celebrating diversity and supporting each other in choosing to be who you are,” she explained. “We knew how well our core values aligned with those of BTS, so welcoming BTS and ARMY into the Cookie Run Universe felt like a natural fit.”

“ARMY is a unique group of fans who sincerely love BTS because of the band’s authenticity, and messaging of self-love, social justice, and mental health awareness,” Jaechan Cho, a marketing team members at Devsisters USA, added. “Their music talks about self-love and inspires me to be proud of my identity. Also, even with BTS’ ‘idol’ status, they reinforce that everyone is an idol by just being themselves.”

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