I Swear by This Genius $10 Hack Flight Attendants Use to Keep Their Hands Free During Travel

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It easily secured my tote bag to my rolling carry-on during my trip to Europe.

<p>Travel + Leisure / Pamela Jew</p>

Travel + Leisure / Pamela Jew

Recently, I took the biggest international trip I’ve taken in awhile, a European whirlwind that included my closest friend's wedding in Portugal. A trip this important called for the utmost organization: I created a checklist of what to pack, what to carry to the airport, and what to expect. A travel agent recommended that I look into airline attendant-approved luggage straps that would help me travel on this epic journey hands-free — genius.

During my search for luggage straps, I stumbled upon just the ones for the job: the Guanjunx Bungee Luggage Straps, and immediately added them to my cart (they’re only $10 at Amazon). These adjustable elastic rubber-PU leather straps were designed to stretch around carry-on and personal item bags to secure them to one another, and they worked like a dream.



To buy: amazon.com, $10 (originally $14)

As soon as I saw the straps, I was impressed by their appearance and quality. The 20- by 6- by 1-inch straps stretched with ease to attach everything I had with me in one rolling bag, making my trip to Europe much smoother. I was surprised how they easily tightened to keep my personal item (my trusty tote bag) securely attached to the handles of my wheeled suitcase without it twisting or slipping.

Due to its design and durability, Guanjunx Bungee Luggage Straps helped me feel peace of mind that my luggage wouldn’t get lost or separated especially thanks to the heavy duty straps and buckle closure. I bought the luggage strap in black, but you can choose from six different colors.

I also loved that the .5-ounce straps are small and lightweight enough to fit in my backpack while flying. Once I boarded the plane, I found my seat and removed the luggage straps from my luggage before putting the roller up and keeping my personal bag underneath the seat.

And, bonus: they’re machine washable too, though according to the brand, you can clean the straps easily with water and a cloth. (If you wash the straps in a machine, run a normal cycle with cold water.)

You might wonder if these luggage straps went the distance. I’m happy to report that with the straps in place, I was able to keep my bag from falling off my carry-on for the duration of my layover in Madrid, when I decided to walk around to test it out. It stayed in place exactly where I first attached it.



To buy: amazon.com, $10

With more than 1,500 five-star reviews, these luggage straps have won over plenty of other travelers, too. I was especially impressed to see that several flight attendants vouch for them, including one who called it the “best idea ever,” raving that it’s “sturdy, easy to use, and does what it promises.” Yet another flight attendant who used this on a flight to Italy to keep their hands free and their coat securely attached to their bag said, “This was perfect! Super easy to use and adjust.”

Other travelers agree, too. One five-star reviewer called the luggage straps the “best travel accessory” and added that they’ll be buying another one for future trips. Another customer says it's “incredibly handy” when they walk through the airports and train stations with multiple bags in Europe.

As for the durability, a third reviewer shared, “This little elastic band lets you connect your personal item and anything else to your already-rolling suitcase.” They added “when you're hustling from one terminal to another in a big airport, you're just rolling everything together. It was my best purchase for my big vacation.

Trust me, this underrated travel hack is worth the investment, especially if you’re carrying a ton of luggage on your next trip. Shop the flight attendant-loved Guanjunx Bungee Luggage Straps now while they’re still in stock and just $10.

At the time of publishing, the price started at $10. 

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