Sutton Stracke’s Worst Moments On RHOBH

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A Georgia peach is supposed to be the epitome of Southern charm. A woman who dresses modestly and presents herself with little to no flaws. This, in no way, is a description of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Sutton Stracke. In fact, Sutton is more of a judgmental hypocrite, often telling others how they should be acting but forgetting to take her own advice. Here are Sutton Stracke’s worst moments as a housewife.

Sutton Melts Down at Dinner

Season 10 showed Sutton having an uncomfortable dinner where Dorit Kemsley thought it was wise to call her out on her behavior. Dorit was like a dog with a bone as she goaded Sutton. Fans will recall the 52-year-old couldn’t get a hold of herself before walking down the red carpet to Lisa Rinna’s daughter’s fashion launch. Before exiting their Uber, Sutton had noticed that a potential foe was roaming around, with Sutton confiding to Dorit that she was going “flip out.”

Miraculously, Sutton held it together for the event. Fans thought it had all been smoothed over until Dorit brought the subject back up during the cast dinner. Sutton ended up crying over her main course, which led to Dorit’s infamous line, “Let the mouse go.”

Dolce & Gabbana Would Be Mortified

Only Sutton would find something to freak out about whilst shopping at one of the most beloved designers. During her segment, which took place on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast trip to Italy, she proved to fans it must be nice to receive $300K a month in alimony.

Sutton has always been impeccably tailored, and it probably helps when you have friends in high places. Due to this, she was offered her own private shopping hour by Dolce & Gabbana. Before arriving at the store, the mother of two had shared that for each birthday, she is sent a beautiful crown made by the Italian fashion house, proving I want to be Sutton when I grow up.

However, the fun-filled shopping trip quickly took a turn so hard that even the red carpet and complimentary champagne couldn’t help. It turns out Sutton had asked for the garments to be delivered to her hotel where she could try them on privately. Evidently shopping with others is so 2002.

Bravo cameras then caught Sutton having a tiny panic attack in the dressing room. Turns out that Sutton had gained a few pounds and felt extremely uncomfortable. Dorit came to the rescue again, encouraging her new friend to try some stuff on.

No Magic for Sutton at Magic Mike

Sutton didn’t want to touch a Las Vegas dancer, even with a ten-foot pole. Or at least this is what she wanted us to believe. When, in fact, she was mortified that she wore pants “for f*cking nothing.” All Sutton wanted was to be included in the sexy show but was once again left alone for coming across as a stick in the mud. Sutton paraded around the lobby, yelling not being picked had “nothing to do with the pants.”

Sutton Mocked Crystal’s Leather Pants

Who could ever forget that Sutton forgot to bring a birthday present to the closest friend she has on the show, Garcelle Beauvais? Obviously, the blonde was mortified, but instead of just moving on with her day, she proceeded to freak out and target her delusional anger at Crystal Kung Minkoff, making sure she knew that the outfit choice offended her senses, yelling, “Jealous of what? Your ugly leather pants?”

Lake Tahoe or Bust Trip

In 2020, Sutton had her handy eye roller with her for almost every scene as she broke down on a boat, telling Crystal she was prepared to leave the cast trip. This particular meltdown came after Crystal had become irate over Sutton waltzing into the cabin room. In fairness, Crystal acted like Sutton had killed her dog, but nonetheless, the blonde almost couldn’t function due to the high-stress situation.

Frankly, I am not sure how much more viewers’ hearts can take the unpredictableness of Sutton. She must have her stomach in knots all day, wondering when the next freakout will occur. I can only imagine the season will become more and more intense for the petite lady.


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