Susan Sarandon Raves Over ‘Friends’ Guest Star Role: The Way They Supported Each Other ‘Was Amazing’

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Susan Sarandon is reminiscing on her time as a guest star on “Friends.” She played a soap opera co-star of Joey’s and the actress told Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall that she had a great time filming with Matt LeBlanc. "He was adorable, and I had a great wig, so those two things [I remember],” she said. She went on to compliment the show’s entire cast. “They really made me feel, when they would screw up, they would just laugh, so it really diffused my huge terror of doing something new, and the way that they supported each other I just thought was amazing,” she added. Susan is also a paid spokesperson for the “Power to the Patients” campaign and is working to ensure people have the rights to know the cost of their healthcare.