'Survivors Guide to Prison' trailer: Danny Trejo, Busta Rhymes, and more have lessons for lock-up (exclusive)

Danny Trejo can tell you a thing or two about surviving prison. He was an inmate at California’s infamous San Quentin Prison long before he became one of Hollywood’s most badass, and beloved, character actors.

The Machete star is one of dozens of famous faces both in front of and behind the camera with Matthew Cooke’s new documentary Survivors Guide to Prison (watch the exclusive trailer above).

While on the surface the film lives up to its title in doling out intel to would-be inmates (“Be prepared to be completely humiliated, and violated,” says rapper Busta Rhymes, while Public Enemy’s Chuck D warns against blindly trusting authority figures), you can bet the film, much like Ava DuVernay’s Oscar-nominated 2016 doc 13th, is a piercing indictment of the U.S. prison system, the largest in the world.

Other interviewees include Deepak Choprak, Patricia Arquette, Danny Glover, Cynthia Nixon, Ice-T, Jesse Williams, B-Real, Macklemore, and Q-Tip, and the film counts Susan Sarandon, Adrien Grenier, and David Arquette among its producers.

Survivors Guide to Prison opens in theaters and on Digital HD Feb. 23.

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