“Survivor”: Shocking Plot Twist at a ‘Spicy’ Tribal Council Sends Players Into a State of Confusion

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Episode 8 ended with one player’s unexpected request and another blindside against a strategic threat

<p>Robert Voets/CBS </p> Kenzie, Maria, Charlie, Tiffany and Ben in episode 8

Robert Voets/CBS

Kenzie, Maria, Charlie, Tiffany and Ben in episode 8

This post contains spoilers from the April 17 episode of Survivor.

In Survivor 46’s double-elimination episode last week, Tim and Soda’s blindsides at two tribal councils set in motion a major shakeup in the personal dynamics of the merged Nuinui tribe.

Episode 8, titled "Hide ’N Seek," saw the castaways return from their separate tribals with one group surprised about Soda’s elimination, which Venus, Tevin and Liz each claimed credit for masterminding.

Meanwhile, with Tim voted out, Maria recruited her close ally Charlie to join the “+1 Alliance” of six, alongside Q, Tiffany, Hunter and Tevin. In a confessional, Charlie didn’t feel too strongly about this alliance, seeing as a few of them already voted out one of their own in Tim.

<p>Robert Voets/CBS</p> Q had a huge change of heart in episode 8 about an ally.

Robert Voets/CBS

Q had a huge change of heart in episode 8 about an ally.

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“This group of 10 is competitive as hell,” Charlie quipped as the remaining players all played hide and seek. Hunter and Ben were the only players to not be found, making Q realize just how competitive those two can be.

After the game, Venus sat Tevin down to talk and continued taking credit for plotting Soda’s departure. When she walked away, Tevin laughed hysterically and emphasized to Liz how he orchestrated that blindside, causing Liz to worry about Tevin’s sneaky gameplay.

Within the +1 Alliance, tensions escalated when Q told Maria that Tiffany was gunning for her because she was a strategic player. To build more trust with Maria, Q then revealed to her that Tiffany has an idol. Q, Maria and Charlie now set their sights on voting out Tiffany.

<p>Robert Voets/CBS</p> Tiffany found a hidden immunity idol in episode 1.

Robert Voets/CBS

Tiffany found a hidden immunity idol in episode 1.

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At the immunity challenge, the 10 players competed in the Survivor classic game Get a Grip, an endurance challenge to see who can hang onto a pole the longest without touching the ground.

Q, Liz, Kenzie, Ben and Maria quickly lost their grips. Minutes later, Tiffany and Tevin lost their footing, leaving Venus, Hunter and Charlie fighting for the immunity win. Venus dropped next, followed by Charlie.

After some minor showboating from Hunter, host Jeff Probst placed the immunity necklace around Hunter’s neck.

<p>Robert Voets/CBS</p> Hunter won the Get a Grip immunity challenge.

Robert Voets/CBS

Hunter won the Get a Grip immunity challenge.

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Back at camp, Liz approached Charlie, Maria and Ben to express her concerns about Tevin’s threat level, setting her sights on blindsiding Tevin and sending him home with his extra-vote advantage in his pocket.

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Everyone seemed to be on board with this plan, which put a wrench in Q’s plan to vote out Tiffany. He and Hunter frantically went into damage control mode to try to salvage their plan to oust Tiffany and save Tevin.

<p>Robert Voets/CBS</p> Tevin was voted out 9th on the April 17 episode.

Robert Voets/CBS

Tevin was voted out 9th on the April 17 episode.

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At tribal council on day 16, Q shocked Probst by surprisingly telling the other players to vote for him. This sent everyone into a state of confusion, leading to side chats to figure out whether to honor Q’s request. 

During the whispering, Q told Tiffany about the plans to vote her out and then Charlie revealed to Tiffany that Q told them about her idol. Tiffany then told Kenzie, who immediately uttered “spicy.”

In the end, everyone went with their initial plans, completing the Tevin blindside and ridding the game of the extra-vote advantage.

Survivor season 46 airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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