‘Survivor’ Season 46, Episode 12 Recap: Top 5 Revealed as Another Player Goes Home With Immunity Idol

Only five players remain after episode 12 on season 46 of Survivor! The Wednesday, May 15, episode picked up after Venus Vafa's ousting at tribal council with an immunity idol in her pocket, making her the third player in a row to go home with an idol.

Back at camp, Ben Katzman admitted to being the one who voted for Kenzie Petty at tribal council and explained he "just blanked" and wrote her name down accidentally. However, she promised "not to harp" on it and remained a source of comfort for Ben amid his night terrors and panic attacks. Meanwhile, Maria Shrime Gonzalez was in tears over the way Venus "attacked [her] character" in front of the jury.

Charlie Davis realized he was riding right in the middle, with options to play with Maria and Quintavius "Q" Burdette or Ben and Kenzie.

Who Won the Episode 12 Reward Challenge?

At the reward challenge, the players had to race through an obstacle course with a bag that contained a ball, which was used to complete a maze. The winner received a trip to the sanctuary and a Chinese food feast, as well as their letter from home.

Charlie chose Liz Wilcox and Kenzie to go on the reward with him, as they were the other two players who didn't get to go on the previous reward. Although he did feel bad about not choosing his closest ally, Maria, he was confident that she wouldn't hold it against him.

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Maria knew Charlie wasn't going to take her on the reward, but was emotional over not getting to read letters from her kids. At the sanctuary, Liz and Kenzie discussed wanting to vote Maria out, which worked in Charlie's favor since he was hoping to blindside her. He worked on strengthening his relationship with Liz and Kenzie as he put the plan in motion.

Who Found the Hidden Immunity Idol?

Back at camp, Q found a hidden immunity idol after days of searching. He chose to tell Maria about the discovery and told her he was willing to play it for her if she needed it. They began plotting the next vote and Maria voiced that she was considering voting for her No. 1, Charlie, since he was a threat to win.

Even though they were making plans to blindside each other, Charlie and Maria still reconnected after he returned from the reward. However, they both acknowledged in confessionals that they couldn't go to the end of the game together.

Who Won the Immunity Challenge?

The immunity challenge required the contestants to complete a water obstacle course and then build a complicated dolphin puzzle. Maria won, giving her her third individual immunity win.

With Maria off the table, Kenzie, Ben, Liz and Charlie decided it was time to vote out Q. Meanwhile, Q urged Maria to go through with voting out Charlie, which would require her to blindside her closest ally in favor of her No. 2 ally. Q filled Liz and Kenzie in on the plan to vote out Charlie, but the women were dedicated to targeting Q. However, they decided to "bamboozle" Maria and Q by assuring them they'd vote for the Harvard graduate.

Survivor Season 46 Episode 12 Recap Who Made the Top 5 137
Survivor Season 46 Episode 12 Recap Who Made the Top 5 137

Charlie was worried about leaving Maria in the dark about the Q vote because he didn't want her to go against him at the next tribal and wanted her to feel like she was still his closest ally. She lied and told him she'd be down to vote for Q.

Who Went Home on 'Survivor' Season 46, Episode 12?

At tribal council, we saw all the votes cast: Charlie, Ben, Kenzie and Liz voted for Q, while Maria and Q voted for Charlie. Q decided not to play his immunity idol, which meant he became the fourth person this season to be sent home with an idol in his pocket.

The remaining five players will compete in the finale on the May 22 episode.