‘Survivor’ contestant voted off after ‘boneheaded’ move

On Wednesday’s Survivor, yet another tribal council to vote someone off was facing the Ua tribe, and contestant Shan was looking to pull off her second major blindside in as many weeks.

After her fellow tribe member, JD, struggled in that day’s challenge, Shan started hatching a plan to retrieve JD’s extra vote advantage from him by convincing him that she thinks he wants to vote her off. And it worked, as JD gave her his advantage “to hold” until after tribal council.

That prompted viewers on Twitter to start realizing what was happening, commenting that JD was being way too naive and gullible.

And sure enough, JD became the fifth person voted out of Survivor 41 during tribal council that night and walked away in shock.

Reactions on Twitter were equal parts impressed with Shan, saying things like “DAMN, what a move!!!!,” and equal parts unimpressed with JD, saying “welcome to Survivor Hall of shame” and calling it a “boneheaded move.”