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Brilliant and Boneheaded 'Survivor' Plays of the Week: Heat Wave

·Writer, Yahoo Entertainment
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Warning: This recap of the “Signed, Sealed, and Delivered” episode of Survivor contains spoilers.

This week’s Survivor was possibly the most insane, jaw-dropping, “is this really happening” episode in the show’s history. Jeff Probst was not exaggerating when he told us that it was the “most scary hour of television we’ve ever done.”

Three — THREE — people collapsed from heat exhaustion after the reward challenge. On the surface, it didn’t seem like one of the more physically taxing challenges, but some of the players spent 45 minutes digging around in hot sand under a blazing sun. Debbie went down first, then Caleb, followed by Cydney, and the medical staff was called in to tend to them.

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Because of the unprecedented number of emergencies, the entire crew rallied to help. We really can’t think of another time when Survivor showed cameramen and producers on screen.

Caleb was the worst off of all three downed players. Debbie and Cydney eventually recovered, but Caleb needed IV fluids and an oxygen mask and was non-responsive to Jeff and the medics. The doctor was forced to pull him from the game. His tribemates, particularly Tai, were devastated, and for good reason. It was not an easy thing to watch. And it’s a shame, because Caleb was a good player and his friendship with Tai was so charming to watch. He’ll be missed.

The frightening ordeal overshadowed the rest of the episode. The immunity challenge resulted in another Brawn loss, with Alecia unsurprisingly voted out.

Boneheaded Play of the Week: Jason and Scot


The reason we’re not giving this prize to Alecia is because there was simply nothing she could do to help her cause. Busting her butt at the challenges? Check. Trying to be cheerful and root for her team? Check. Acting friendly toward Cydney? Check.

Nothing she could do or say would ever be palatable to the two men in her tribe. They hate her, and their hatred is ugly. Neither of them come across looking very good. After the immunity challenge, Jeff asks her if she feels picked on, and that’s exactly what this is — two bullies kicking someone when they are down. Alecia’s only crime was to fight to stay in the game.

With a merge or tribe swap coming up, it’s hard to see these two making any new friends, especially with any of the other women. In fact, their behavior is more likely to create what they’ve feared all along: an all-female alliance.

Brilliant Play of the Week: Peter

The doc is not in a good position on his tribe after losing his ally Liz. But he proved that his tribemates were right to vote her out and not him, first by doing well at skeeball in the reward challenge and then tagging in for Debbie to finish the puzzle in the immunity challenge. If there’s a tribe swap, he could be a valuable pick-up for another faction.

Power rankings:

Beauty: Tai - He’s still got the idol.

Brains: Debbie - She’s annoying, but her strategy is working.

Brawn: Cydney - She’s invaluable to the two guys, but in a perfect place to switch allegiance in a merge/swap situation.