‘Survivor 46’: Q and Venus continue to be sloppy in ‘Episode Several,’ ending in 2 major blindsides

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Many things went wrong in the seventh episode of “Survivor 46” for many contestants: aggressive gameplay, unnecessary revelations, poor communication and naive strategy, all taking place in anticipation of a double tribal and the players being split into two groups. There’s a lot of ground to cover in “Episode Several,” so let’s break down all of the drama that led to two major blindsides.

Right on cue, Venus Vafa wasted no time trying to find out who was the lone vote for her in the last tribal council, immediately confident that it was Sodasia “Soda” Thompson, as they have had a rocky relationship in this game. But then Charlie Davis came clean admitting to her that he was the vote, to the immense annoyance of Quintavius “Q” Burdette, who pulled him aside and coached him for why that was a mistake. Regardless of how valid Q’s points were, that was not the best way to handle the situation, exacerbating the issue making Charlie now want to target Q.

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Over to the reward/immunity challenge, the players were separated into two teams with two immunity winners and the last one standing would win reward for their group and guarantee that their eliminated player would make the jury. In what was an entertaining challenge (with a shout-out to the first boot David Jelinsky), Kenzie Petty and Maria Shrime Gonzalez won immunity, with the latter lasting longer, making her team go to tribal council second, that also consisted of Charlie, Venus, Soda, Tevin Davis and Liz Wilcox, with Kenzie’s team of Q, Tiffany Nicole Ervin, Hunter McKnight, Ben Katzman and Tim Spicer going first and one of them not making the jury.

Starting with what led to the first tribal council, there were a lot of unflinching and questionable decisions as to who to vote out, with Tim pitching Hunter to Q as the only Nami tribe member, completely disregarding their previous journey alliance of six that included all of them and had them in the majority with Tiffany for this tribal. This made Q want to target Tim, though when conveying it to Tiffany and Kenzie, his delivery came across as demanding and authoritative, which was something they both did not appreciate. Q also admitted to throwing the immunity challenge earlier to not reveal his challenge strength, which is up for debate. At Tribal Council, Hunter, who still was in possession of an idol, ended up not playing it, despite receiving two votes from Tim and Ben, while the Yanu three and him voted for Tim, blindsiding him out of the game.

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The second winning team’s dynamics were much messier as Nami had the majority but did not desire to work together at all, with Tevin wanting to go after Venus and Soda (recognizing the latter as a more social player), Liz also wanting Soda gone, Soda wanting to target Venus, and Venus just upset with everybody. But what encapsulates Venus as a player is when she tried to pitch Tevin or Soda to Maria, and kept persisting and pressuring her as to where she stands, which is not a good social strategy, as accurate as her intuitions are. Maria, in an attempt to explain to Venus how she comes off, also alienated herself from her rather than pretending to agree to her plan at face value, signifying that they won’t be working together anytime soon, with her and Charlie recognizing how much of a liability Venus is. But at tribal council, both of them voted with Venus and Liz (the latter of whom outright declaring she did not even bring her bag) to blindside Soda. As she left, Venus publicly claimed the blindside as her move with Tevin mouthing that it was not – except that he also voted for Venus with Soda – so that may have to be explained next episode.

After all of that tension, there seems to be more coming on the “Next Time on ‘Survivor'” promo, which include Hunter and Kenzie hiding in secret, Liz getting tired of Tevin, Q declaring war against Tiffany, and an intense tribal council, so it will be exciting to see what happens next. In terms of players that may be in trouble, Q and Venus are continuously shooting themselves in the foot week after week with their overconfidence and lack of subtlety, believing they have more power than they actually do, and if they keep continuing at this pace, they may not last in the game much longer, specifically the latter as she has consistently been a target and narrowly escapes elimination by the skin of her teeth. And now there is nowhere to hide as all players will now be vulnerable in one tribal council, which could produce some nail-biting moments.

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