The Surprising Place You Can Buy Reusable Face Masks for the Whole Family — Starting at $13

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As we continue to practice social distancing, the Centers for Disease Control maintains its recommendation for wearing face masks in public settings. It's a precautionary measure that may slow the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and stop those who may be asymptomatic from transmitting the virus to others. Demand has thus quickly escalated in the past few months, leading many companies to start providing the pandemic essential for the masses — and some of those companies are totally unexpected.

Unsurprisingly, fashion brands like Everlane, Anthropologie, and Old Navy have pivoted their production to craft their own face masks, but Vistaprint is one company you might not have expected to sell the necessity. However, the online printing service recently launched a collection of machine-washable face masks for the whole family.

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The triple-layered masks are made from polyester fiber, spandex, and a 100 percent cotton anti-allergenic lining that’s soft on the skin. Each one was designed with a three-dimensional chin structure, a nose bridge, a filter, and adjustable straps to ensure they fit every face and stay secure for as long as you need. The adult masks measure 9.4 inches wide by 5.9 inches tall, and the kids’ version is 7.4 inches tall by 4.7 inches wide.


Buy It! Vistaprint RFS Mask for Adults in Petals, $18;


Buy It! Vistaprint RFS Mask for Kids in Sunrise, $13;

What makes the Vistaprint face masks unique is their advanced Replaceable Filter System (RFS), which has the ability to block airborne contaminants without trapping moisture. With this technology, you can remove the filter and wash the mask again and again, ultimately staying safe and reducing waste. In fact, some studies suggest that filtered face masks offer more protection than those with a single layer of cotton fabric. Each mask comes with one replaceable filter insert, which can be used for up to 12 hours, and 10-packs of replacement filters for the adult and kid masks are $10.

The Vistaprint face masks come in a colorful array of funky prints and patterns, and prices start at just $13 for one mask, which is a great deal for one that’s designed to last a long time. Plus, Vistaprint is donating 10 percent of mask sales to charity.


Buy It! Vistaprint RFS Mask for Adults in Snakeskin, $18;


Buy It! Vistaprint RFS Mask for Adults in Solid Green, $18;


Buy It! Vistaprint RFS Mask for Kids in Dinosaur, $13;


Buy It! Vistaprint RFS Mask for Kids in Happy, $13;

The company’s website notes that the “reusable face masks are not medical devices or personal protective equipment (PPE).”

It’s also selling face shields that offer an extra layer of protection against the virus for essential workers while they're on the job. And in sticking true to its online printing service roots, Vistaprint has a slew of affordable COVID-19 products for small businesses like social distance floor decals, public safety messaging posters, and takeout menu designs to help their customers stay safe.

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