‘You’re supposed to dress modest at the beach?’ Woman calls out sign holder in Florida

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A TikTok user called out a wannabe fashion cop earlier this week in Jacksonville Beach, and her video is now Internet gold.

Katie Simmons, with the user name @KaShOuTkatie, starts the quick clip laughing, saying, “Sir! It’s the beach! You’re supposed to dress modest at the beach?”

The caption: “What in the f---.”

A man wearing a long-sleeved shirt, shorts and shoes comes into the frame, holding a poster that reads, “God says Christian women dress modest,” quoting Timothy 2:9. “Repent. Turn to Jesus.”

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“God doesn’t want women...” says the man, whose voice trails off.

The TikToker continues giggling, and incredulously asks, “What if God’s fake?” Then the video ends.

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Many commenters noted the irony that the beach is the ideal place for a bathing suit, be it a bikini or one piece.

“Good thing I always pack a blazer,” joked one.

“How miserable do you have to be to go to a beach and instead of having fun at the ocean choose to try to shame women?” said another user.

“It’s like going to a bar and being mad that people are drinking,” added another. “Find a better use for your time and let people live.”

“If he doesn’t like swimwear, stay home.”

But some defended the beachgoer: “He’s entitled to his religious beliefs.”

The post had almost 700,000 likes as of Friday.