Supermodel Kate Bock Shares the Sweet Story Behind Her Engagement to NBA Star Kevin Love

Supermodel Kate Bock Shares the Sweet Story Behind Her Engagement to NBA Star Kevin Love

Kate Bock's birthday was extra sweet this year.

The supermodel, who landed the cover of 2020's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, got engaged to Cleveland Cavaliers star Kevin Love while celebrating her special day in late January. "Well, this was the best birthday surprise I could have ever imagined. I couldn't be happier to have been asked to be a Love by my love," Bock announced to her Instagram followers on Jan. 31. "Heart bursting all day & night."

Now, in an exclusive interview with E! News, Bock—who has been named the Chief Brand Officer of Pompette Beverages—is spilling more details on the birthday surprise, her new business venture and how she's finding the silver lining in 2021.

"I had no idea," the entrepreneur, who celebrated her fifth anniversary with Love over the summer, said of his proposal. "I just figured it wouldn't happen during the season, because usually we're just pretty busy and we don't get to do anything different. It wasn't in my headspace at all that it was going to happen and it was my birthday so we were going for dinner and it was nice and we had a whole cute plan anyway."

So, as Bock shared with E! News, when Love proposed she was "totally surprised."

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Love had been planning the surprise for a little while before proposing to his longtime girlfriend. "He had actually asked my parents the week before," Bock said of Love asking for her hand, noting the athlete had to do it over FaceTime because of distance. "He was so excited because he hadn't told anybody else. So, after it happened, we—also I had missed my parents' calls throughout the day for my birthday—so now I got to call them back."

"And he knew that they knew, so he was just so excited to finally be able to introduce me as his fiancée to my parents, which was very cute," she recalled. "And then we each called our best friends, we both have like a best friend for life that have been with us forever and we each called them and they were both completely excited and surprised as we were."

Bock and Love will continue the celebrations later this week on Valentine's Day. Although they won't be together on the exact day—as the Cavaliers will be in Southern California to take on the Los Angeles Clippers on Feb. 14—the couple will be making plans for a virtual celebration. Those plans might include sharing a drink over FaceTime as Bock marks the start of her partnership with Pompette, a line of premium hard sparkling waters beloved by the model.

In fact, she recommends Pompette, which is served in a 750ml resealable bottle, for any quarantine Valentine's Day celebration this year. "I think that you can make at home feel special," she told E! News, "and even just buying a bunch of candles and lighting them can help totally change the environment in your room, getting dressed up, making a cheese plate and making a cocktail."

"I've been having a lot of fun experimenting with the different flavors of Pompette—which is so light and clean and fresh—and making different cocktails depending on the day," Bock said, adding that she experimented with the company's Rosé Hibiscus flavor in a vintage champagne glass. "I think there's a lot of fun ways to incorporate cocktails and a cozy night at home and make it a really special Valentine's Day."

Over the last year in quarantine, Bock has become known to her Instagram followers for sharing helpful tips when it comes to workouts. So, what are her go-to tips to stay motivated at home?

"One thing that kind of kept me on track was just as soon as I get up in the morning is putting on a workout outfit," Bock shared. "I have a good friend Megan Roup, she is the founder of The Sculpt Society, and she has 10-minute quickie series, her and I actually filmed a series so there's a workout for every day of the week on her app, The Sculpt Society."

"And you can always fit in 10 minutes," she said, "you can convince yourself 10 minutes here and then maybe you make your kids breakfast, 10 minutes can always find maybe two or three 10-minute segments in a day to get a little bit of a workout in. And that really helps me just knowing I'm doing something good for myself."

Bock also suggested winding down with a yoga or a stretching class at the end of the day.

Looking ahead in 2021, Bock and Love aren't officially starting the wedding planning just yet. "He proposed on my birthday, which was amazing, and then I was flying out for work like the next day in the morning," Bock told E! News, noting they've only recently had a chance to reunite and enjoy their engagement together. "We've had a couple of questions like, 'When are you planning on doing it?' And I think both of us are kinda, we have no idea. We're just enjoying this moment and realizing that it happened and pinching myself that it wasn't a dream still."