'SuperKitties': Disney Junior show is celebrating International Cat Day with this adorable video of real cats (exclusive)

SuperKitties stars Bitsy, Sparks, Ginny and Buddy. (Photo: Disney)
SuperKitties stars Bitsy, Sparks, Ginny and Buddy. (Photo: Disney) (Disney)
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The animated world of SuperKitties just got real.

In honor of International Cat Day on Aug. 8, the Disney Junior show has released, exclusively to Yahoo Entertainment, an amusing, live-action video of four rescued felines who are clearly tired of just watching the kitties and decided to trot though tunnels to get to the show's setting, the fictional city of Kittydale.

Once they arrive in the cat-sized colorful village where they, not the humans, rule, they enjoy running down the street, leaping onto the roofs of buildings and batting around yarn dangling above them whenever they feel like it. (Which is always.)

It's all to the tune of a song familiar to fans of SuperKitties, "Come on and Roll," which was released in January, the same month that the show premiered.

The cute series chronicles the adventures of superheroes Ginny (voiced by Emma Berman), Sparks (Cruz Flateau), Buddy (JeCobi Swain) and Bitsy (Pyper Braun), all of whom happen to be cats, as they help others. As Disney says, they use their superpowers, and most importantly their kindness and empathy, to make their city a "more pawsome place."

Still feel like celebrating? Curl up with your favorite pet for a marathon of the series on Disney Junior and the Disney Channel, or listen to the show's new soundtrack EP, which features a fresh, cleverly named song, "Paws Out, Claws Out."