This Supercut Of Jon Snow's Tragic Existence Will Make You Shout 'King Of The North!'

Jon Snow has been a tragic character from the moment we met him. Loathed by his stepmother, Caitlyn Stark, Snow grew up as an insider on the outside looking in, yearning to be a “true” Stark of Winterfell. The solemn, resourceful bastard son of Lord Eddard Stark, Snow would take up the black and joined the Night’s Watch. Not because he had to, but because he found it honorable. This honor would go on to get Jon Snow killed.

With his resurrection, we’ve seen Jon Snow’s arc change the man from a brooding quasi-lord to a grizzled veteran of The Wall and beyond. With the fall of House Bolton, Snow is now considered the King of the North by his bannermen, with all kneeling and respecting someone who was once never respected as a bastard.

Though the various victories and acts of valor have made Snow a legend, there’s still a dark cloud hanging over him. He may be vindicated by his peers for his bravery and honor, but through life, death and life again, he still has no idea of who his mother is. Now, the stakes have been raised and winter is here. The White Walkers are beyond The Wall, and Jon Snow has no idea that Eddard Stark isn’t his father, and yet Stark blood still runs through him. His song of ice and fire is growing louder with each revelation, but he has family coming with an army and a want of the Iron Throne.