This Sunrise Alarm Clock Is 53% Off, And The Best Way To Wake Up

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Sunrise alarm clocks are some of the best alarm clocks around, because they help the user wake up in a far more natural way, and also don’t hurt the soul of the person using them. Plus, this Sunrise Alarm Clock is on sale today with 45% off, and then a further 15% off of that, thanks to a clip coupon. The result is the normal price of $59.99 being brought down to just $27.95, which is an easy investment for more comfortable mornings.

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There are a lot of excellent sunrise alarm clocks out there, like the Hatch Restore, and the key thing that makes them so special is how they wake the user up. Rather than just going all-in on loud noises, these alarms do things in a more subtle way.

This particular sunrise alarm clock actually increases the brightness of the light from 10% all the way up to 100% slowly over the course of around 30 minutes prior to when the alarm is set. It can also play different natural noises to help the user’s brain slowly wake up, so when the alarm actually goes off, the chances are that the user is already awake, and not in some Earth-shattering soul-destroying cacophony of sound.

This Sunrise Alarm Clock Is 53% Off, And The Best Way To Wake Up
This Sunrise Alarm Clock Is 53% Off, And The Best Way To Wake Up

Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock

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This Sunrise Alarm Clock is an absolute dream to wake up to because it’s gentle and kind, which is the opposite of how many people wake up when using their phone alarms, kids, or pets to get out of bed in the morning. This clock works by slowly increasing the brightness to replicate a sunrise, and also has a few different natural sounds to choose from for a more comfortable wake-up call. It has an alarm still, but it helps wake the mind up a little bit before that goes off, which helps each day start off a lot better.

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