Sunisa Lee Says She's 'Going to Delete Twitter' So She Can Focus on Preparing for Beam Final

Sunisa Lee wants to give her last event final her all — which means cooling down on social media.

Speaking with reporters after winning a bronze medal in the women's uneven bars final on Sunday, Lee said that despite her mistakes on the apparatus she was "really proud" of herself for not giving up.

"There were so many times in my bar routine where I could have just gave up and jumped off but I didn't and now I have a bronze medal," she said, noting that when she first finished she didn't think she'd have a chance of being on the podium. "I thought I was done."

However, that doesn't mean she's not disappointed with herself for not giving the kind of performance she's capable of.

"This medal probably means more to be than the all-around gold medal did, just because bars is my thing," she added. "To mess it up like this, I was just kind of sad about it."

Suni Lee
Suni Lee


As for what went wrong, Lee said that she "put too much pressure" on herself and also "got distracted and lost focus a little bit when I won the gold medal."

"I felt like I wanted to make everybody else happy because bars is my thing and a lot of people were rooting for me," she said.

In order to make sure she's in the best space going into the beam final on Tuesday, the 18-year-old gymnast plans to "stay off social media for a little bit."

"I'll probably cool down a little bit and just focus on what I need to do especially because we're coming to the end," she said. "I want to just do the best I can and end it off good."

"I'm probably going to delete Twitter," she added. "Instagram is not as bad because I can't really see what people say, but [on] Twitter it's just so easy to see everything. So I'm probably going to have to end up deleting that."

Another exception might also be made for TikTok. "TikTok is my getaway app, it's just so fun," said Lee, who posted a fun dancing video following her win.

Sunisa Lee
Sunisa Lee

Jamie Squire/Getty Sunisa Lee

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In a message to her fans, Lee said that while she was "disappointed" with herself, she's also "beyond blessed."

"Olympic bronze medalist on bars," she wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of herself and her medal. "Definitely wasn't the routine i expected to do, but i'm so proud of myself for not giving up."

"Disappointed & sad but beyond blessed to say i'm third in the world on bars. wish i could have gotten to show everyone what i am capable of !! thank you for your endless support," she added. "Beam finals up next !"

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