How Will Sundance’s Virtual Festival Affect Film Sales?

Beatrice Verhoeven
·1 min read

For the first time in the 43-year history of the Sundance Film Festival, the event will take place virtually. We will hear no heavy breathing pacing up Main Street in Park City, Utah, to get to a screening on time, see no rush of talent and film fans heading into the Eccles for a premiere or long lines outside of restaurants for filmmaker parties. Perhaps the biggest question filmmakers, sellers and buyers will face is how a virtual festival will impact sales of projects. Not only will films screen without live audiences for distributors to gauge real-world reactions, there will be no more late-night meetings at sponsored lounges or private screenings at filmmaker’s cabins. Will sales take longer or go faster with acquisitions just a Zoom login away? In interviews with multiple sales agents, the expectation was set for a fast and aggressive sales market should a movie create enough buzz. “If somebody actually likes a movie and wants to buy it and comes in aggressively, it could make (the acquisitions process) much faster,” one sales agent told TheWrap. “If you’re at Sundance in person, you need to schedule times for meeting with the acquisitions teams face-to-face in a hectic...

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