Sundance Film Festival Host Committee announces bid status

PARK CITY, Utah (ABC4) — The Utah Film Commission, on behalf of the Utah Sundance Film Festival Host Committee, announced their bid status Thursday.

Virginia Pearce, the director of the Utah Film Commission, thanked the Sundance Institute for the opportunity to proceed to the next step in their RFP (request for proposal) process for the 2027 film festival “and beyond.”

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“We’re committed to collaboratively re-imagining future festivals, inspiring film enthusiasts, and preserving the Festival’s connection to its home state,” she said. “Our shared 40-year growth and success have greatly contributed to Utah’s culture and economy and have fostered a proven partnership in the film industry.”

Pearce said that most importantly, she believes continuing in Utah will best assure the Sundance Film Festival’s continued growth and success.

In April, the Sundance Institute announced it would be exploring different locations across the U.S. to take the festival. Their current contract with Park City expires in 2027, allowing the festival to “evaluate, consider, and build.”

While its not guaranteed the festival will leave Park City, there is the chance.

“We are in a unique moment for our Festival and our global film community, and with the
contract up for renewal, this exploration allows us to responsibly consider how we best continue
sustainably serving our community while maintaining the essence of the Festival experience,”
said Sundance Film Festival and Public Programming Director Eugene Hernandez.

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