Summer Walker Calls Out London on da Track Over His Parenting: ‘We Don’t Need You’

Image via Getty/Allen Berezovsky
Image via Getty/Allen Berezovsky

Summer Walker is speaking out about London on da Track and putting his parenting methods on blast.

In a since-deleted Instagram post consisting of multiple slides—which came after London posted several videos of their daughter on his IG Stories on Sunday—the singer accused the producer of continually leaving and entering their daughter’s life. Walker claimed the last time she tried to have a conversation with him about spending time with their child, he asked about production credits, per HotNewHipHop.

“She’s not one of your little cars or props you can just post for clout,” Walker wrote. “I wish you would just go. We don’t need you. She has a real father over here. We be the ones sleep deprived taking care of her while you out doing whatever.”

Walker added that she feels her ex’s intentions “are not genuine [and] never have been,” sharing that she feels she’s “leaving my child with a stranger.”

“This is uncomfortable for me,” she wrote. “Why neither one of them can’t show me a picture of her room in ATL. She’s eight months. You had plenty of time to get her a room. She prolly sleeping in some cheap foldable bed thing you get from Target y’all placed in the corner.”

Also in the post, Summer revealed screenshots allegedly from conversations with both London and his mother, showing the son apparently not responding to messages from the Still Over It artist as she tried to see pictures of her daughter’s room.

“Okay I’ll FaceTime you now so I can see her room,” Walker wrote. “I just asked you for a picture of her room on FaceTime and you hung [up] on me… It’s not that difficult lol so she doesn’t have a room. You could’ve said that last night. Bye bro, drop my baby off.”

Within the post, Walker also shared an image of her child with a bruise on her head, as she alleged in text messages that it marked the “second time she came back with something wrong” with her.

London’s ex Eboni later seemingly got involved, per the Shade Room, writing that “at this point, you need to follow the rest of my footsteps and just deal with it.”

“Every time this girl goes talkin the same story I’m offended bc girl you were all in my koolaid when I was hollering the same thing,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories. “Your turn. Nobody feels sorry for you.”

Things began to cool off when Walker took to her own IG Stories to share her final thoughts with fans, seemingly requesting London to not “call my phone no more” and calling him a “creep.” London has not directly responded on social media, only tweeting the word “Dedicated” on Monday morning.

“I do not care, you wanna keep capping for the internet like you give af about my child,” Summer wrote. “Now they KNOW you don’t give a damn. No need to keep capping… Thank God for stepfathers smfh.”

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