Summer House Season 8, Episode 9 Recap: Danielle’s ‘Kind of F*cking Nutty’

Photo: Felix Kunze/Bravo via Getty Images
Photo: Felix Kunze/Bravo via Getty Images

Welcome to the Summer House Season 8, Episode 9 recap! In this week’s episode, titled “Close Encounters,” Ciara and West try to figure out if their relationship is going anywhere, while Danielle judges Paige and Craig’s relationship. Carl confides in Danielle about Kyle’s job offer while confessing that Lindsay’s not always the most supportive of him. Here are some of the highlights from Summer House Season 8, Episode 9.

Are West and Ciara even a thing?

Photo: Bryan Bedder/Bravo
Photo: Bryan Bedder/Bravo

On the drive to the Hamptons with West and Paige, Ciara announces that she signed her modeling contract.

“Did you have to hold up a jersey or put a hat on?” West asks, like she signed with the NFL or something. Cute. My hubby lives for that sh*t.

It’s a two-year international contract, so she’ll be back and forth between New York and overseas for months at a time. West doesn’t seem thrilled to hear that, but Paige is very happy for her.

Meanwhile, West is still looking for another job after being laid off from his sports journalist job. He thought it would be easy to find another job, but it’s been more challenging than he expected.

That night at the club, Paige and Amanda are talking about Ciara and West. “She’s so in love,” Amanda says. “I actually feel like she really likes him but doesn’t want to admit it.”

And Ciara’s like, “I’m right here! How are you gonna talk about me? You’re nasty girls!” And they all laugh it off.

“How are you and Ciara doing?” Lindsay asks West.

“We hang out during the week,” he says. “It’s cute, kind of. But she’s, like, a very slow burner. Obviously.”

“Do you see it going, like, past the summer?” Lindsay asks.

“Yeah,” he says slowly. “But I need to see, like …”

“What’s the hesitation?” Lindsays wants to know.

“She, like, signed her modeling contract,” he reveals. “It’s a big life achievement. Her relationships in life would now have to, like, take a different shape because she’ll, like, be leaving the country and doing different stuff. I’ll let summer happen, and then maybe we’ll see.”

Danielle questions Paige and Craig’s relationship

At the club, Kyle takes a minute with Paige and Danielle. “This summer has been a little bit of a breath of fresh air,” he admits. “The vibes are in a good place … I would love for Craig to be up here more often.”

“Me, too,” Paige agrees. “I love him. He’s my friend.” He’s not only her boyfriend, he’s her best friend.

“When he was up here two weeks ago,” Kyle adds, “it was the first time I’ve picked up on a little uncertainty. He was just, like, dude, I’m no longer [so anxious to] get engaged because I don’t know if that’s what Paige wants. You don’t feel like you’re stringing him along?”

“I don’t at all,” Paige replies. “I know that I’m gonna marry him, but it’s gonna be on my terms.”

“Because you have his balls on the f*cking mantle,” Danielle interjects. “There’s something holding you back, and I just don’t know what it is. I’m gonna keep it real with you. I think you’re giving him nothing.” Danielle’s just bitter cause her boyfriend dumped her and already has another girl.

“Do you actually think this is your forever guy?” she adds. “Or are you just like this badass bitch … and he’s really good for right now?” Who the hell does Danielle think she is?

“No, I don’t feel like that,” Paige responds. “But I’m not the type of girl, like, I’m not holding your hand, reassuring you …”

“I don’t think he wants that, though,” Danielle says.

“Right, and I’m not that,” Paige snaps.

“Danielle stands on a very moral high ground,” Paige interviews. “[But] when you turn the mirror over, ‘Where’d she go?’ [She] runs right away. I’ve watched her do it to every single girl that I’ve ever lived with.”

West confides in Paige and Amanda

Photo: Bryan Bedder/Bravo
Photo: Bryan Bedder/Bravo

The next day, West is hanging at the pool with Amanda and Paige. They’re discussing how long you should date a guy before you have sex. Amanda says she used to make him take her out at least two to three times and work for it a little. Seems reasonable.

“Why do you ask such a question, sweet Westlington?” Paige asks.

“Cause I’m on weekend six,” he responds, speaking of his relationship with Ciara.

“But how many dates?” Paige asks.

“I think two,” he admits.

“That’s not that crazy,” Paige says. “Are you, like, nervous you’re slipping into the friend zone?”

“No, but by now, I’ve usually made it home,” he says. Ugh. Baseball metaphors. How old is he?

“Obviously, we’re, like, more than friends at this point,” West interviews. “She told me she’s never dated anyone younger than, like, 35. Not only am I, like, seven years younger than anyone she’s ever dated, I also just don’t have a job … So, it is a little in the back of my head, for sure.”

“I’m very much following her lead,” West says. But it’s kind of gotten to be “such a big deal.”

“You just wanna have sex with Ciara. Duh,” Paige comments.

“Yeah, we all want to have sex with Ciara,” Amanda jokes.

Carl and Danielle have a heart-to-heart

Photo: Eugene Gologursky/Bravo
Photo: Eugene Gologursky/Bravo

Sitting at a table in the backyard, Danielle asks Carl, “How are you? … You and Linds seem to be more, like, in lockstep.”

“The last two weeks have been really good,” Carl says. “You’re coming to our wedding, which I’m so f*cking happy about … I’m feeling the love this summer.”

“Seeing you at the club last night, having such a fun time,” Danielle says, “I feel like last summer you weren’t allowing yourself to let your hair down in that way.” He was trying to get sober, dumbsh*t. The club is not the best environment for someone who’s trying to stop drinking.

“But now you seem so happy,” she continues. “You don’t have to be drinking to have the best time with us.”

“You saw the new non-alcoholic Loverboy,” he says, and she nods. “I thought long and hard over the last week and a half since I tried ‘em for the first time that maybe there’s a world where I go do something with this specifically, with Kyle. He, like low-key, has been trying to get me back.”

“That’s the best form of an olive branch I’ve ever f*cking seen,” she says. “Have you talked to Lindsay about it?” As Hamlet said, “Therein lies the rub.”

“Honestly, no,” Carl says.

“100% I am very gun shy about telling Lindsay about any kind of career opportunity,” Carl admits in a confessional. “I almost have to think about it so hard before I tell her, just to prepare for [what] she’s gonna ask back, especially when it comes to going back to work for Loverboy … Last summer, working at Loverboy was a huge source of stress for our relationship. Making myself happy and also getting her approval can be challenging.”

Paige replays Danielle’s convo for Amanda

At the party, Paige tells Amanda about her chat with Danielle at the club the night before. “I’m gonna be 100% honest,” she starts. “Last night when we were at the club, I went outside with Kyle and Danielle … She kind of, like, tried to grill the f*ck out of me. She was like, ‘Craig gives you everything, and you give Craig nothing.’”

“I just kind of let it go,” Paige continues, “but, like, if we’re looking on paper, [Danielle has] no job, no boyfriend. I have a job and a boyfriend. So, I don’t know what you’re telling me I should change in my life.”

“Yeah, like, what are you doing wrong?” Amanda says. “It’s weird for her to come off as that judgmental.”

“She’s very quick to tell everyone how they should be living their lives,” Paige says, “and what they’re doing in their lives that she finds to be wrong and what they should change.”

“I feel like Danielle is foaming at the mouth to say anything about Carl and Lindsay,” Paige interviews. “But she can’t because she knows what happened to her last year. So she’s like, ‘Who can I pick apart now?’ … And here I am.”

“She’s very passionate about her opinion,” Amanda agrees. “And her opinion is the only opinion.”

“Please call Lindsay and get her back here to take her friend,” Paige interviews. “We made a mistake. We don’t want her anymore. This has been too much.”

“I might eat my words,” Amanda says, “but I kind of get where Lindsay was coming from last summer.”

“I so get where Lindsay was coming from last summer,” Paige agrees. “I’m seeing a side to her that I’ve never seen before, and you’re right. She’s kind of f*cking nutty.”

Lindsay and Carl talk Carl’s career

Lindsay and Carl touch base during a lull in the party. Carl finally grabs his balls and tells her that Kyle offered him a job.

“How do you feel about that?” she asks.

“I want to learn more about it,” he says. “I feel like I needed space from Loverboy [cause] I was burnt out.”

“It was almost like going through a breakup, right?” Lindsay says. “But eventually, you have to … move the f*ck on.”

Lindsay reminds him that he promised to have a plan “by the end of the summer … We have three weeks till that, and I’ve tried not to bug you … But something that turns me on is when my man is out there crushing life.”

“You don’t think I’m crushing life?” he asks.

“No, I don’t,” she shrugs. “We’re walking into a marriage that is contractually binding all of our assets … If we have kids, I’m gonna want to stay home … I need to know that my partner [is bringing in] money … I need that security.”

“If you want me to go get a job,” Carl responds, “I will go get a job.”

“The priority for you is making money for our future family,” she says.

“I have a partner that’s a go-getter,” Carl interviews. “But it’s scary to have a partner who doesn’t believe fully in you.”

“I’m asking for you to figure out … what you want to do in life,” Lindsay says. “I’m just trying to tell you what turns me on.” While taking away his self-esteem.

“I understand what you’re saying,” Carl nods, defeated. “Loud and clear.”

Summer House continues Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.


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