‘Summer House’ Recap: Lindsay Hubbard Accuses Carl of ‘Gaslighting,’ Calls Him a ‘F–king Terrorist’

‘Summer House’ Recap: Lindsay Hubbard Accuses Carl of ‘Gaslighting,’ Calls Him a ‘F–king Terrorist’
Lindsay Hubbard, Carl Radke. Felix Kunze/Bravo (2)

Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke exchanged jabs during the latest episode of Summer House — including accusations of “gaslighting” on both sides.

Lindsay, 37, and Carl, 39, came into season 8 of Summer House as a (seemingly) happily engaged couple, but four episodes into filming it became clear they had relationship issues. During the Thursday, March 14, episode, which filmed in July 2023, Lindsay and Carl feuded for the second straight weekend over Carl’s sobriety.

“You accused me of doing drugs again,” Carl told Lindsay after a night out with their friends. “[It’s] so f–ked up.”

Carl claimed that when he told his then-fiancée that he wanted to leave dinner, she chose to go home with him. On their car ride back, things got heated and Lindsay allegedly told Carl that she thinks “something’s wrong with you.”

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When Lindsay didn’t believe Carl’s explanation of being tired, he flipped the script and asked her, “How many drinks have you had?” Carl alleged that’s when Lindsay fired back, “What are you on?” and called him a “liar” when he denied being high. (Carl has been sober from alcohol since 2021, but does smoke weed occasionally.)

“Carl, do you smoke weed? Did you smoke weed tonight?” Lindsay asked Carl during their fight at the Hamptons house, to which he said no. Lindsay quipped: “You are the biggest gaslighter I’ve ever met. You’re literally like [Tom] Sandoval right now.”

Lindsay further alleged that Carl “picked a fight” with her in the car and stated that “now everyone knows you’re no angel.”

She then stormed into the kitchen to find Amanda Batula. “He’s literally the biggest f–king gaslighter I’ve ever met,” Lindsay yelled, which took Amanda, 32, by surprise.

‘Summer House’ Recap: Lindsay Hubbard Accuses Carl of ‘Gaslighting,’ Calls Him a ‘F–king Terrorist’
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“He is a f–king terrorist,” Lindsay continued, claiming that Carl was “picking” at her in the car. “I’m like, ‘What the f–k? Why are you this aggressive with me?’ Then all of a sudden, he switches the narrative, like, ‘You’ve been drinking.’”

Lindsay noted that Carl is the “most amazing human ever,” but she claimed that he also “has a lot of demons and those demons come out on me.”

She alleged: “It’s a Jekyll and Hyde, smoke and mirrors situation. I’m not joking. I’m the only one on earth who has seen his bad side.”

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Elsewhere in the episode, Carl and Lindsay tried to talk out their problems. The conversation quickly went south when Lindsay claimed he was “so aggressive” during the car argument.

“[That’s] so unfair. Lindsay, you were the one being aggressive. You were swearing, raising your voice and then you start telling me that I’m on something,” Carl said, to which Lindsay replied, “So you’re changing the narrative of what went down.”

Lindsay argued that Carl was acting like he was “the calmest human ever,” but said, in reality, he’s “angry a lot.” She claimed, “Last night you were angry.”

Carl fired back, “Now, that is gaslighting. You got in the car and were already angry with me because you didn’t understand why I wanted to go home.” He alleged, “I tried to be calm.”

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The duo ended the conversation with Carl yelling at Lindsay, saying, “I’m upset. You start insulting me and literally telling me I’m doing drugs and it’s so hurtful.”

Lindsay fired back telling him to “lower his f–king tone” and alleged that Carl was “changing the narrative” again and was “too angry” to mend fences.

“She’s doubling down on [how] her questioning me about drugs is valid. It’s her way of rationalizing her drunkenness in my opinion,” Carl told Amanda after the blowout, noting, “I’ve also witnessed [her outbursts] before we were a couple. But as a couple and a lover it’s not easy.”

Less than two months after this fight was filmed, Us Weekly confirmed in August 2023 that Carl called off his engagement to Lindsay.

Summer House airs on Bravo Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.