Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard Star Silas Cooper Will Miss Baby’s Birth

Silas Cooper from Summer House: Martha's Vineyard
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Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard star Jasmine Ellis Cooper announced earlier this month that she and her husband were expecting. Though their baby boy is due in February 2024, Silas Cooper will miss the birth of his son. Sadly, he’s away serving as a commissioned officer in the US Army Reserve and won’t be home in time for the delivery.

“He’s been supportive as much as he can from thousands of miles away,” said Jasmine at BravoCon on November 3. “He knows that I’m in good hands with my housemates, so that’s been great … We’re both strong as individuals, so I’m holding it down over here. He’s holding it down over there for the country.”

Silas announced in March 2022 that he had joined the Army Reserve. His family is originally from Liberia. He felt he owed a debt of gratitude because the United States “embraced my family and [me] at a time when my native country was at war.” Us Weekly has the details.

The show goes on for Martha’s Vineyard stars Silas and Jasmine

Silas was definitely missed while the cast filmed Season 2 over the summer of 2023. “He introduced me to Martha’s Vineyard,” Jasmine shared, ”so him not being there felt odd.”

Friend and castmate Bria Fleming also felt an important member of the group was missing as compared to Season 1. As the only married couple in the group, Silas and Jasmine had kind of been the surrogate Mom and Dad in the house.

“He was just very happy and you can hear him [walking around the house],” Bria admitted. “He would always mediate a lot of the drama as well … We do miss him. We got to do a couple of FaceTimes, but it’s not the same.”

Jasmine and Silas met on a dating app, got engaged in 2021 and married in June 2022. At the time they filmed Season 1, they had only been married a couple of months. Their housemates (and viewers) had to listen to lots of newlywed sex through the house’s thin walls.

When she discovered she was pregnant, Jasmine didn’t care whether the baby would be a boy or a girl. “Honestly, I just wanted a healthy baby,” the former Playboy Bunny confessed. “We were just excited to be starting our family … We have a really good village and great friends, and it feels like a really good start to something new.”

Filming on Season 2 concluded over the summer, though a premiere date has yet to be announced. Jasmine isn’t giving away any secrets. “It’s a different roller coaster this season,” she said. “[But] you’re going to enjoy the ride.”


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