Summer House 's Andrea Denver Shares BTS Details From Ciara and Danielle's "Shocking" Food Fight

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Summer House 's Andrea Denver Shares BTS Details From Ciara and Danielle's "Shocking" Food Fight

As the Italians say: Vi-no they didn't!

Things are about to get messy on the March 28 episode of Summer House as a shouting match between Ciara Miller and Danielle Olivera turns into a wine-tossing food fight. Co-star and Italian model Andrea Denver shared behind-the-scenes details on the explosive drama ahead of tonight's episode.

"It's funny because I hosted that dinner," Andrea told E! News exclusively. "That was an Italian dinner that I hosted, it was to celebrate this big festivity that we have in Italy during the month of August. It was my first summer not being in Italy so I wanted to bring that to the house."

During the dinner, Andrea brought up the L-word to spark some lively conversation.

"I was like, 'Let's talk about love.' We're drinking wine, eating good food, I'm Italian, I love love, I wanna hear everybody's idea about love," he explained. "I got really emotional during that dinner and I started crying. I had a lot of going on in my head so I ran outside. Luke [Gulbranson] came after me to support me and to comfort me and to see what was happening. So we both were outside when that fight went on."

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He continued, "When we came in, the dining room was a mess. There was wine over the walls, wine all over the table, glass. Somebody was cleaning it, I don't remember who was cleaning. I just like, 'What happened?!' So it was really crazy to walk into that and I feel like people were screaming on one side of the yard and on the other side. But I've never seen the scene until I watched the trailer. I didn't have an idea that it happened that bad, so it was really shocking."

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Andrea hinted that the fight stems from last week's drama between Lindsay Hubbard and Ciara over their mutual love interest Austen Kroll. Paige DeSorbo stuck up for her BFF Ciara and confronted Lindsay for kissing Austen, while Danielle did the same for her longtime bestie Lindsay.

"I just didn't expect the situation to escalate like that the week after," Andrea shared. "It's not a good thing to look at it. I think sometimes you get carried away from emotion so unfortunately some things happened. But at the same time it's something that I would avoid and hope that it's never gonna happen again."

He added, "I hope there's gonna be the chance for them to reconnect and talk through it at the reunion because apparently there's still some beef and I hope they can work that out because I care dearly about both of them."

Summer House airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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