‘Suits’: Gabriel Macht says a ‘less angst-ridden’ Harvey is coming

‘Suits’: Gabriel Macht says a ‘less angst-ridden’ Harvey is coming

Goodbye, Angsty Harvey!

If there’s one thing we’re supposed to take away from tonight’s episode of Suits — which featured Harvey (Gabriel Macht) reconciling with his mother (Brynn Thayer) and offering to co-manage the firm with Louis (Rick Hoffman) — it’s that Harvey will be a relatively happier person from here on out. (Read the full episode recap here.)

“I think Harvey will be less angst-ridden for sort of the rest of the season, based on what he learned in this little progress,” Gabriel Macht tells EW. “In recent memory, Harvey has been a little insensitive, a little impulsive, a little reactionary, and I think that’s coming from a lot of the anger that he has.”

Healing his relationship with his mother will ultimately help Harvey move past that anger and get back to the character we knew in earlier seasons. “We go back to Harvey using his brains and his wit and his maneuvering to get what he wants instead of his feelings,” says Macht. “I think that’s where we’d like to see Harvey, as well.”

Macht also says Harvey and Louis are on far better footing than they have been in a while. Yes, there will be some ups-and-downs as they try to co-manage the firm, but right now they’re both focused on taking their egos out of the equation and finding “a common ground where they are actually supporting each other and allowing for their successes to dominate instead of allowing their weaknesses to infiltrate the firm,” says Macht, who adds they’ll eventually decide who will be managing partner once they clear the next hurdle.

Suits fans can also look forward to Harvey teaming up with Mike (Patrick J. Adams), who is now working at a legal clinic. (We knew they couldn’t stay apart for too long.) Although Harvey is trying his best to respect Mike’s wishes, a case ends up bringing them back together.

“There will be a few instances where Mike just needs a little bit more power behind him to win a case, so he asks for Harvey’s help,” says Macht. “When Harvey’s asked to work with Mike, there’s a bit of reticence, but they figure out how to make it work for each other and the duo survives in a way.”

Suits airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network.