'Suicide Squad' Director Tweets Harley Quinn Image After Report Questions 'Gotham City Sirens' Status

David Ayer and Margot Robbie
David Ayer and Margot Robbie (Photo: Getty Images)

Wonder Woman is an undisputed triumph for Warner Bros. and DC Comics, which sorely needed a boost in their efforts to create a DC Extended Universe. Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad did well at the box office, but took their lumps from critics and didn’t seem to inspire deep passion among fans. Of course, with great triumph comes greater pressure to keep the franchise’s momentum going. Thus, attention is turning to this fall’s Justice League (which just debuted a new trailer at Comic-Con), as well as the follow-up to Suicide Squad, the proposed Harley Quinn-focused spin-off Gotham City Sirens. And though reports had suggested otherwise, it sounds like director David Ayer isn’t ready to give up the gig just yet.

Director Ayer didn’t seem to have the easiest time making Suicide Squad, and as Slashfilm notes, his comments at Comic-Con while presenting his upcoming Netflix film Bright (“[Bright] isn’t like, some bulls— standard issue studio PG-13 movie. I was able to do some real s— here”) came across as veiled jabs at Warner and DC, who forced him to do significant reshoots on the PG-13 Suicide Squad. When Gotham City Sirens wasn’t featured in Warner’s Comic-Con panel, it further indicated that maybe the project was on hold, perhaps with Ayer stepping away. But then, Ayer tweeted out the following Jack Torrance-style portrait image of Quinn:

The above post seems to serve notice that Ayer is still involved in Gotham City Sirens, which will focus on Margot Robbie’s clownish vixen, who assembles her own gang of female villains (including Catwoman and Poison Ivy). Whether Ayer’s plan to revisit Quinn on the big screen comes to fruition is still anybody’s guess, however, since the movie currently has no completed script, no start date, and no leads cast — except, presumably, for Robbie.

For now, fans of Ayer can look forward to Bright — in which Will Smith plays a cop and Joel Edgerton plays his orc partner (in a fantasy character-populated world); it arrives on Netflix on Dec. 22.

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