'Suicide Squad' Director Adds His Two Cents to Reshoot Explanations

Margot Robbie in ‘Suicide Squad’ (Warner Bros.)

Since Warner Bros. decided to shoot some additional sequences for the upcoming, much-hyped Suicide Squad, there have been some questions about the real motivation for the reshoots. Though some media reports have suggested the studio wants to inject more humor and lightness into the film, especially in the wake of the ultra-dark Batman v Superman, costar Jai Courtney (who plays Boomerang) said last week that adding more action, not comedy, is the real goal. Now the film’s writer-director David Ayer has weighed in to echo that sentiment and continue moving the conversation in a positive direction.

Early this morning, Ayer tweeted:

That second hash tag, #moreaction, is obviously very much in line with what Courtney said. It also captures the spirit of the most recent Suicide Squad trailer, which debuted during the MTV Movie Awards and certainly contains plenty of punchy action sequences. For the record though, it also hints that the movie will feature a fair amount of comedy, certainly a lot more than we got during the nearly three hours of Batman v Superman. Whether it actually does or not will be revealed on Aug. 5, when Suicide Squad opens in theaters.

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