'Suicide Squad' Character Bio Videos: Meet the Bad Guys

The bad guys are coming, the bad guys are coming — in two and a half weeks, that is, when Warner Bros’ Suicide Squad finally arrives in theaters to crash the summer-movie season party. And to help prepare you for the super-villain team’s arrival, Warner Bros has released a series of videos designed to introduce you to each of the members of the crew.

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Click over to WB’s YouTube page for brief clips about each of the 11 (!) main characters featured in David Ayer’s upcoming DC Comics-based saga, about a group of very villainous individuals recruited by Viola Davis’ government agent Amanda Waller to carry out a not-safe-for-regular-folks mission. Opening with quick dialogue snippets, the clips boast the sort of gonzo cartoon animation that’s central to the film’s advertising campaign (as with this theatrical one-sheet), and ends with a few vital stats about each player — so now we know that Jay Hernandez’s Diablo boasts a core temperature of 666 degrees (get it?), and that Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn loves puddin’.

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Like the feature’s best trailer, these Suicide Squad videos are set to Sweet’s “Ballroom Blitz,” and are assembled by and large from footage already featured in prior promos. Nonetheless, they function as a handy primer for the malevolent madmen and women populating Ayer’s highly anticipated release, which looks likely to make a late push for summer box office supremacy when it assaults theaters on August 5.

Check out the full collection of Suicide Squad videos here.

‘Suicide Squad’: Watch a trailer: