Student Calling for School Mask Mandate Heckled While Speaking About Dead Grandmother

A Tennessee high school student calling for mandatory mask-wearing in his school was interrupted by heckling adults while speaking about his grandmother, who died of COVID-19, at a school board meeting on September 7.

High school junior Grady Knox addressed the meeting discussing the mask policy in Murfreesboro, outlining his concerns about potentially missing class time, and bringing the virus home to his family.

When Knox said that his grandmother died from COVID-19 “because someone wasn’t wearing a mask,” adults behind him smiled and called out, with a man heard telling the hecklers, “Guys, we’re here to act professional.”

Speaking to CNN, Knox said, “I could hear them behind me, but it felt like the two things weren’t connected because I couldn’t understand why people would, like, react like that to a statement I made that was so personal.” Credit: Rutherford County Government via Storyful