Struggling Couples Have Their Sex Lives Put on Camera in the Trailer for Discovery+'s Good Sex

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Struggling Couples Have Their Sex Lives Put on Camera in the Trailer for Discovery+'s Good Sex

Lights, camera, action.

Five couples facing different struggles in the bedroom seek the unique guidance of sex coach Caitlin V., in E! News' exclusive first look at Good Sex, premiering Aug. 19 on Discovery+.

"My calling in life is to help people have better sex," Caitlin says in the trailer. "But after a decade of coaching, I have found that what clients tell me is going on in the bedroom is not the full story."

So, Caitlin takes matters into her own hands.

"I've come up with a radical approach," she says. "I've asked my clients to put cameras in their bedrooms."

Whatever works, right?

Good Sex follows "couples experiencing everything from erectile dysfunction and mismatched libidos to excessive masturbation," according to the streamer. "Some couples are given the task to take on an erotic persona, while others are given homework to swap roles of initiator or to connect with themselves before, they arouse each other."

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In the trailer, Caitlin has a male virgin practice on a realistic model of the female body. "This is technically the first woman I've touched," he says. "I hope she has a good time, too."

Nowhere to go but up!

Caitlin also works with new parents who have lost their sex drive and a pastor's daughter who cannot achieve orgasm.

"With exercises such as 'sensual feasting,' which teaches couples to be present with one another during intimacy," according to Discovery+, "to illuminating the power of foreplay, these couples hope Caitlin's advice and guidance will be enough to lead them to the happy ending they are hoping for."

We love a play on words.

Caitlin, Good Sex
Discovery +

"We are thrilled to have Caitlin V. and her revolutionary expertise in Good Sex as part of the Discovery+ lineup," said Howard Lee, President of TLC Streaming and Network Originals. "She has a true sense of purpose and is invested in creating a positive impact on the lives of each person who walks through her door. Her all-in unabashed approach leaves a take away for viewers who are open minded to learn something new."

As Caitlin says in the trailer, "We all want it. We all deserve it. Let me help you get it."

Good Sex premieres Aug. 19 on Discovery+.

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