The Struggle Is Real: Dog Gets to Grips With Snow Boots in Minnesota

A dog had to get to grips with snow booties for the first time during icy weather in Blaine, Minnesota, on December 28, stopping to inspect the novel footwear as he went, and even dropping one, as this video shows.

The video, by Katelyn Lubbers, shows her dog, Stanley Tucci, scampering down an icy sidewalk. “Come on,” Lubber coaxes repeatedly, until Stanley comes to a standstill with his tail wagging.

Stanley, a rescue dog, “really loves going on his daily walks, and has lots of puppy energy to burn off,” Lubbers said. “It took about 45 minutes to get the boots on, and he managed to get three boots off over the course of our walk.” Credit: Katelyn Lubbers via Storyful