New Streaming Subscribers Picked Amazon and Discovery+ in Q2

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Amazon Prime Video and Discovery+ have signed up the most new streaming customers during the most recent quarter, according to data from Kantar Media. Among those who were first-time subscribers to a streaming service in the U.S., 17.1% picked Prime Video, largely because of its combination with Amazon Prime, which offers tons of perks on shipping and Whole Foods discounts. Newcomer Discovery+ grabbed 10.3% of new subscribers, with soon-to-be sister streaming service HBO Max garnering 10.2% of new U.S. subs. The findings were part of Kantar’s quarterly Entertainment On-Demand reports. Discovery+ shouldn’t be that much of a surprise — as the newest streaming service, it has the most ground to make up in terms of customers. It only has around 13 million subs as of last quarter. Amazon topping the list is more impressive considering Prime Video was among the first pioneers of the streaming era. Kantar says Prime Video is still benefiting from the rise in overall Prime subscriptions taken out during the past year of lockdown. Amazon has 200 million Prime customers around the world, and former CEO Jeff Bezos said that “more than” 175 million of those watch Prime Video. Behind HBO Max was Hulu with 8.6%...

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