Streamer blames subreddit, not her outfit, after being banned on Twitch

IndieFoxx says her Twitch ban is the result of a “disgusting, toxic” subreddit that bullies streamers. The Twitch streamer has been banned from the platform for the second time in a week and is now fighting back against the reason behind her account being taken down. Streamer Jenelle Dagres, known on the platform as IndieFoxx, was banned on Feb. 1 after writing subscribers’ names on her body. The gimmick, which she has done in the past without punishment, was meant to encourage subscribers to donate to her channel. Another user took this new clip and posted it on the subreddit LiveStreamFails with the caption. “Twitch allowing girls to write big donator names on their breasts”. According to Insider, the post was locked a few hours later, after moderators said the thread was “getting too out of hand”. Three hours later, Dagres’ channel was shut down. “Is it just me or is LiveStreamFail [on] Reddit for harassing and bullying people,” Dagres said in a tweet