Streaker Arrested at Nationals-Reds Game After Hiding in Tarp Roller amid Rain Delay

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Patrick Smith/Getty streaker

A nude streaker was the true MVP of Wednesday's suspended game between the Washington Nationals and the Cincinnati Reds.

According to USA Today, the game was in the fourth inning when a heavy storm rolled through and a downpour started over Nationals Park. After a three-hour-long delay, the game was ultimately rescheduled to be played as a doubleheader on Thursday.

Still, the delay did not stop one eager fan, who ran out fully nude onto the grounds from center field after a crew rolled out a tarp to cover the field from the heavy rain.

Security tried to stop the streaker, USA Today reported, but he managed to evade them and slid head-first right into the large tarp roller, where he hid.

Patrick Smith/Getty

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The streaker reportedly spent several moments inside the roller — and was photographed peeking out with a big smile on his face — until he came out and was arrested on the spot.

According to the Washington Post, the crowd cheered from the stands during the entire incident.

Patrick Smith/Getty streaker

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The Nationals-Reds game will now be held Thursday afternoon, followed immediately by another seven-inning game that will close out the teams' five-game matchup. Washington is currently up 3-0, USA Today reported.

Washinton's overall record this season stands at 20-24, while Cincinnati is 21-25.