Stranger Things Writers Tease The First Scene Of Season 5

 Eleven after removing the parasite in Stranger Things.
Eleven after removing the parasite in Stranger Things.
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The wait for more Stranger Things has been long. It was revealed in 2022 that the Netflix sci-fi hit would be ending after its fifth season and, since the fourth aired last year, fans have been waiting anxiously. As you can imagine, many are wondering just how everything will turn out. Well, we still don't have too many concrete story detals, but, at the very least, the writers teased the first scene of the final season.

There aren't too many things we know about Stranger Things 5 at this point. So any additional nuggets the creative team wants to give out are more than welcome. The writers did just that on Stranger Things Day (November 6) by dropping a brief snippet of the script for the Season 5's first episode, which we already know is called "Chapter One: The Crawl." Get your first taste of the opening installment by checking out the post below:

I really like this tease but, of course, I need more! From these breadcrumbs, it's hard to decipher just what this means for the narrative. It could link to the details we're already aware of, including the fact that a lot of emphasis will be placed on the character of Will Byers this time around. Or maybe this has something to do with the villainous Vecna (who you should be aware of). There's plenty of room for speculation, and you better believe the fans are going to analyze this tidbit as much as they can.

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Speaking to the tune, Stranger Things has had some great musical moments, but some fans in the comments of the post think the “familiar song” is one by The Clash. In Season 1, Jonathan introduced Will to “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” just before the latter disappeared. Then, in Season 2, the gang used the track to get through to Will while he was possessed by the Mind Flayer. Kicking off the final season with a song that's been so vital to the story would be perfect.

Production on Season 5 was paused when the WGA writers strike began but, with it now over, it seems like the scribes are working harder than ever to make sure the final season is memorable. I'm curious as to just how close they are to finishing up all of the scripts. More immediately though, I can't help but keep thinking about this new reveal from the premiere script. It's time to form some theories of my own, and I'm excited to see the thoughts that others continue to share on the matter.

If you're angling to check out the new episodes when they finally arrive, be sure you have Netflix subscription. And if you need some programming to keep you occupied in the meantime, take a look at the 2023 TV schedule for some other viable viewing options.