6 ‘Stranger Things’ Characters and Their Modern-Day Doppelgängers


When you recognize something in Stranger Things, it’s mostly deliberate; the Netfix series is an homage to classic films and horror tropes of the '80s. What’s weird, though, is that a lot of the characters seem to have unintentional echoes to fictional characters from today, too.

If it were just one similarity, it would be a coincidence. But what are the odds that there would be six? Are the Duffer Brothers (who created the series) trying to tell us something? Is the Upside Down populated with alternate versions of people as well as places? Will Season 2 (which has yet to be confirmed by Netflix) take place in the present? Well, no. But maybe it should?

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Here are six of the stranger Stranger Things doppelgängers: characters from today’s movies and TV shows who look like they would fit right into Hawkins, Indiana, circa 1983, complete with animated GIF proof that there may be more visitors from the Upside Down than we knew.

Stranger Things is currently streaming on Netflix.